Christabel: meaning of name

Christabel: meaning of name

Chosing the right name for your child is very important! Have you ever wondered about the name: Christabel? It`s a fascinating name for your baby! Do you know why? What is the meaning of Christabel? Continue reading to find out more!

Christabel: meaning of name

Have you considered naming your child Christabel?

Do you consider to give your child a name Christabel?

When you think of a name for your child, you should know that it will play a major role in his/her life. So, the very first thing to consider is who can use this name. Christabel is a name for girls only. So, do not dare to call your boy this name unless you want to ruin his life. Choose the name wisely as your child will have it to the rest of his/her life.

What is the biblical meaning of Christabel?

What is the biblical meaning of Christabel?

This name is pronounced KRIHSTaa-Behl. There are two versions of this name origin – French and Latin. It`s obvious that the first part of the name is Christ, which belongs to our savior – Jesus Christ. This part of the name also means Christian or belonging to Christ.

The second part of the name Bella (French) or Bellus (Latin) means “beauty” or “beautiful.” Therefore, if you combine these two meaning than you get “Christian Beauty” or “Beautiful Christian.” As you understand, this name is only fit for girls.

What is the meaning of Christabel and its origins?

What is the meaning of Christabel and its origins?

The first signs of this name can be traced to the 16th century. However, the first real popularity to the name came from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “Christabel” (1800). Another wave of popularity to the name came from Christabel Pankhurst. Christabel meaning name can be different in several languages. If you try to translate this name from French, you may get the translation: “Follower of Christ”.

Meaning of Christabel – Derivations

Meaning of Christabel – Derivations

Even if it`s not ranked in the top 1000 names, it`s still very popular. This name has 23 derivatives in German, Scandinavian, Greek, Dutch, and English. If you wish, you can name your child Christabel and also call her these other variations;

- Christy;

- Christine;

- Chrissy;

- Chrissie;

- Chrissi;

- Chris;

- Kristabel;

- Cristabelle;

- Cristabella;

- Cristabell;

- Crisbell;

- Chrystobel;

- Chrystabelle;

- Chrystabel;

- Christobelle;

- Christobella;

- Christobell;

- Christobel;

- Christable;

- Christabell;

- Christabella;

- Christabell.

If you want a baby name that sounds like Christabel, then choose one of the following: Christabella, Christobel, Cristabel, Christabelle. It`s also possible to name your child with the name which connected with Christabel, like Christie, Christine, Christina or Bella.

Christabel the meaning – popularity!

Christabel the meaning – popularity!

It's an unusual name for a woman. If you choose this name, then you will know that not many people will have a similar name. Therefore, it`s very unique.

Numerology of Christabel

Numerology of Christabel

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If we connect the name with numerological signs, then you will get the Soul Urge Number 6. What does it mean for a child? It means that a girl with the name will have a deep desire for love and stable family. According to the numerology, Christabel has the expression number 7. It means that this child will be good at analyzing things. There is a great probability that this child will connect her life with education (teacher, scholar, philosopher or mystic).

According to another numerology scale, Christabel has a destiny number 7. Therefore, your child will be kind. She will enjoy talking a lot. At the same time, she will have analytical skills. Because she enjoys falling in love, she will experience some heartbreak. Eventually, you will need to help her to analyze what is the true love for her.

Top 10 Characteristics of the name Christabel

Top 10 Characteristics of the name Christabel

- The person who has this name is very sensitive. Therefore, this sensitivity will limit your satisfaction from accomplishing tasks. You will always feel responsible for what you have done.

- Health problems will arise from your sensitivity. If you want to avoid this bad factor – then do not think too much about your problems. Set them free! If you don`t follow this advice, then you should be prepared for problems with the heart and bronchial organs.

- You think and learn quickly. Therefore, you will not tolerate people who do not acquire knowledge in the same pace like you or do not think as quickly as you. It may become one of the problems with your friends as you can quickly get a nickname “nerd” because of your 'know it all' attitude. It`s not a bad thing to know a lot of things, just try to be tolerant with those who is not capable to think quickly.


- You are very easy to hurt because of your sensitive nature. Do not care what others think. Just try to relax and do not think seriously about their hurtful words.

- You have an ability to grasp any new kind of knowledge quickly.

- You fall in love easily. Sometimes you will experience some pain because of this!

- You have a compassionate nature that will help you understand other people.

- You are very spontaneous, so it will be difficult to keep your mouth shut.

- You are very good at writing things. Therefore, expect to write poems when you fall in love.

Famous Chritabels!

Famous Chritabels!

- Christabel Pankhurst;

- Christabel Chamarette;

- Christabel Bielenberg;

- Christabel Rose Coleridge;

- Christabel Nettey;


Christabel Meaning Name

If you choose this name for your child, then you will have a unique name for your baby! In addition, your child will probably be very sensitive and intelligent in nature. Still, this sensitivity can become the downside of this girl. Therefore, try to teach her let go of bad feelings in her heart. If you help her with that task, then you will get a wonderful person with a desire to love her family!

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