Emeka Okonkwo biography

Emeka Okonkwo biography

This man makes everyone jealous. Expensive cars, lavish mansions, beautiful clothes and famous friends. Who wouldn’t want all that? Emeka Okonkwo has made a name for himself, and that name is E-Money. Check out our E-Money biography to find out how he earned his fortune, how he spends it and what he is into these days.

Emeka Okonkwo biography

How it all started

Emeka Okonkwo young

Back in 1981, on February 18, a star was born. But then little Emeka Okonkwo didn’t know he was going to be rich and famous. He and his family lived in Ajegunle for a long time. His father worked as a DJ and sold music CDs. The Okonkwos had barely enough money to live a normal life.

Emeka’s older brother, Kingsley Okonkwo, always looked after his little bro and supported the family any way he could. Now you might know him as the popular Nigerian musician Kcee, but back then, he was just a simple Lagos boy.

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Emeka tried to find his place in the world and in 1997 he opened up a small forwarding business he called Borisa Nigeria Ltd. In 1999, Kingsley got a shot at fame with his friend Presh in their music band, and things started to look up for the Okonkwo family.

Up until 2003, nothing special happened to Emeka. His business was rather small, and it did not bring in much money. Nevertheless, he did not give up and continued to expand his field of business. In 2003, he met his future wife Juliet, who liked him for who he was, as he could offer her not much else then. However, around that time, he got an important call that changed his life. He received a large 2-million contract for his firm. After that, things became better and better.

How he is doing now

Emeka Okonkwo family

In 2017, Emeka, who now goes by E-Money, has everything he’s ever wanted. Even though he is only thirty-six years old, in cases of people like E-Money, age does not matter. He is already living the dream most people (probably more than 90%) will never even get a glimpse of.

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Luxurious life of E-Money, his house and cars

E-Money is the chairperson and CEO of Five Star Group, EmyCargo and Shipping Services Nigeria ltd. and of Emy Motors ltd. He has also invested in the oil and gas industry, as well as real estate. These two branches bring him significant profits.

He is happily married to the love of his life, Juliet Okonkwo. Together, they have three beautiful boys. His wife and kids live in Great Britain in one of his spectacular mansions.

He has many influential friends, who he likes to show off in his pictures. The friend list includes (but is not limited to) senators, influential businessmen, Nigerian customs officials and many others.

10 facts about E-Money

Emeka Okonkwo house interior

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1. He is very rich. People even say he is a naira billionaire, but in dollars, he’s a millionaire. Either way, he has a lot of money.

2. 5 Star Music is rumoured to be worth about ₦500 million. It is no surprise, as such stars as Kcee himself, Skiibii, Soso and Harrysong are producing music under the Five Star label. But no one know for sure.

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3. Emeka Okonkwo has a license of a customs service agent in Nigeria.

4. He has an Instagram account, @iam_emoney1, where he has almost a million followers.

5. To add to the previous fact, police warned him numerous times not to post pictures of his luxurious life. In their opinion, this might sabotage E-Money’s safety by provoking robbers. However, the warning did not stop him, as he continues to share extravagant photos on his page.

Emeka Okonkwo cars

6. His garage is full of expensive cars. Emeka Okonkwo has so many cars that they don’t even fit in said garage! Some of his automobiles include Jaguars, G-Wagons, Range Rovers and other famous autos.

7. E-Money is a charitable person. He gives back to his community and helps young boys to get on their feet.

8. He has an actual money cannon. When he is invited to a party or any other loud gathering, E-Money grabs his fun device, loads it with dollars and Naira and literally makes it rain! No wonder his favorite phrase is ‘We are too loaded to be empty’.

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9. E-Money had to cough up more than ₦250 million for his Lagos house, which he calls 5-star mansion. It is filled to the brim with gold and expensive furniture. It even has a state-of-the-art indoor gym.

10. Now he is doing well, but, as we said before, things were not always this smooth. When Emeka got married to his wife, Juliet, he barely had a Naira to his name. His older brother Kingsley gave him ₦20, 000 for the ceremony.

Now, if anyone asks you ‘Who is E-Money?’, you can give them a definitive answer. We hope you liked our Emeka Okonkwo biography, and that his story has inspired you to achieve great things yourself.

E-Money has proven that you do not have to be born rich to be rich. You just have to work hard, be flexible and innovative and never lose hope. So let this story be the sign you were looking for to take the first step into your fortune. Good luck!

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