Beating is the only language my wife understands - Nigerian journalist

Beating is the only language my wife understands - Nigerian journalist

- A Nigerian photojournalist who batters his wife has spoken on his reasons for doing so

- He said the only language his wife understands is beating

A photojournalist identified as Francis Abiagan is a woman beater who has come out openly to talk about his reasons for constantly beating Joy, his wife.

The man who works with Business day has been accused on beating his wife constantly and even went as far as stripping her. Abiagan who has been married to his wife for ten years revealed that his life had been a living hell ever since his mother moved in with them.

The ailing mother needed attention and this prompted the photojournalist to take her to their residence at Ifo, Ogun state. According to Abiagan, Joy became difficult and this frustrated him.

Campaign Against Impunity and Domestic Violence, a group set up to curb domestic violence, accused him of beating his wife and ridiculing her openly.

Beating is the only language my wife understands - Nigerian journalist
This Nigerian woman was beaten by her husband, a photojournalist.

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Gbenga Soloki, the spokesman of the group revealed how unremorseful the photojournalist was. He was said to have inflicted wounds on his wife and went as far as boasting about it. According to Soloki, the woman beater said nothing could happen to him.

Abiagan had been beating his wife for a while and their family members had intervened a couple of times to let peace reign. Abiagan admitted to the offence and said he could no longer cope with the way Joy was treating his mother.

I have been married for 10 years now. My mother had stroke and no one was available to take care of her. I brought my mother to the house and since then it has been war. .

My wife hates my mother with passion. My sin is that I accommodated all her siblings and they have turned my life into a nightmare. My wife has been devising means to deal with my mother.

She starved my mother to the extent that I hired a help, who cooks for her. My wife was seen dragging my mother on the ground, calling her a witch. I have been enduring it but I could not bear this last one she did to my mother.

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My wife threatened the cook I hired not to come. The church has organised several meetings for us. They begged her to change but she refused. It is the language she understands I gave to her."

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