Boko Haram raid Adamawa village, THIS is what they were searching for

Boko Haram raid Adamawa village, THIS is what they were searching for

- Boko Haram insurgents on Saturday, June 10, raided a village in Adamawa state

- The terrorists were in search for food and medical supplies to support their depleted resources

- They were pushed back by local hunters and soldiers who later arrived

Kuda-kaya village in Madagali, Adamawa state was raided by Boko Haram terrorists to steal food and medical supplies, according to residents and security officials.

On Saturday, June 10, scores of the insurgents stormed the village which is about two kilometres from Gulak, the administrative headquarters of Madagali.

According to Premium Times, one resident said: “They came in numbers and just started shooting sporadically into the air with their guns; and there was pandemonium as people started fleeing for their lives.

“Our local hunters engaged them in a fierce battle. Presently we are hiding somewhere in a nearby village."

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A local hunter added: “They (Boko Haram) came at about 8 p.m. and wanted to take over the village which is just a stone thrown to Gulak. But we engaged them."

Yusuf Muhammad, the chairman of Madagali local government area, confirmed that the attack happened. He also said the insurgents were pushed back by the hunters and the soldiers who arrived promptly.

Mr Muhammad praised security agencies and local vigilantes, and asked for more support to secure the area.

“Boko Haram raided Kuda-kaya, in the latest rampage to steal food and medical supplies, but our gallant soldiers and hunters had engaged them to a fierce battle.

“They were on rampage to steal food and medical supplies; even on Friday the raided my father’s village Humbli,” he said.

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An officer in the 28 Task-Force Battalion, Mubi, confirmed the incident.

“All I can confirm to you now is that there was an attack on Kuda-kaya and Humbli villages; but we successfully repelled; no casualty on our side,” the source said. earlier reported that the faction of the Boko Haram belonging to Abu Shekau has reportedly claimed responsibility for the recent sneak attack on Maiduguri, Borno state.

In a video posted by Saharareporters on Saturday, June 10, the terrorists showed how they attacked the city.

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They displayed uniforms, shoes, identity cards, arms and ammunition the group claimed their fighters seized from the military during the attack.

Watch this video on Boko Haram and their nefarious activities:


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