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Landmark university courses and school fees 2017

Landmark university courses and school fees 2017

Do you want to know about Landmark university courses and school fees? It’s very easy! We can help you. Read this post!

Official logo of Landmark University

Landmark University logo

If you want to have a quality and well-paying job, then you need to get a higher education. For this purpose, you can choose a university or college. Among the great number of higher institutions in the country, we have Landmark University. The University as mentioned above has different courses for Nigerian and international students. The main faculties are technical, economical, and natural sciences.

Landmark University is known as a Christian Mission Private University. It was founded by the Living Faith Church Worldwide in 2011. The head of Landmark University is the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo. The number of students is about 2700.

Teachers of Landmark University

Professors of Landmark University

If Landmark University is your choice, you have to know about its courses and school fees for the next academic year. Usually they are the same as they were in the previous 2016/2017 session according to the official website of Landmark University. It is unlikely that the fees will increase.

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Landmark University school fees

Students of Landmark University

Students of Landmark University in the classroom


COURSES TOTAL amount in Naira

Agricultural Courses 599,000

Agricultural Engineering 639,000

Engineering course 669,000

Biochemistry 591,000

Microbiology 591,000

Computer Science 629,000

Industrial Chemistry 570,000

Industrial /Mathematics 570,000

Industrial Physics 570,000

Accounting 619,000

Banking & Finance 569,000

Business Administration 569,000

Economics 609,000

International Relations 589,000

Political Science 556,000

Sociology 556,000

You have just found out about the Landmark University school fees. Now you can make a choice of your future Alma Mater. We wish you good luck!

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