How Prophet TB Joshua 'predicted' the victory of the new French president-elect

How Prophet TB Joshua 'predicted' the victory of the new French president-elect

Just like when he predicted who would become the president of the United States of America in 2016, Prophet TB Joshua, claims he predicted the victory of the new French president-elect. came across a post which was shared on the Facebook page of the controversial preacher, where they made claims of predicting the victory of France's president-elect, Emmanuel Macron.

Macron beat his opponent Marine Le Pen with about 65% of the votes, to become the youngest president of France.

During a live service at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday, May 7, TB Joshua made his revelation concerning the elections.

How Prophet TB Joshua 'predicted' the victory of the new French president-elect
Prophet TB Joshua supported Macron's win

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He said:

In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Give thanks to God. There is so much uproar in the French speaking country. We look at the two candidates. For me, [I consider] immigrants, refugees – because my Father in Heaven was once a refugee too. So, we pray for any one of them who supports refugees – like Emmanuel Macron. We are praying for him and our prayer will answer!

It is prayer that will put him there, not anything – because of his heart for refugees and immigrants. Half of this world are immigrants and refugees. Where will they go? I am not a politician. I pray every day for Emmanuel Macron because of what he believes. What he believes is what my Father in Heaven believes.

How Prophet TB Joshua 'predicted' the victory of the new French president-elect
Emmanuel Macron is set to become the next president of France

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We will see what we can do to protect these refugees and immigrants. For many of them, it is not their will to leave their country; it is war. When there is war, you run helter-skelter – anywhere you know you can run to. We know there are some bad people among the refugees. But we cannot say because there are some bad people that we reject all of them. No. I am not saying you should pray for him. Me – I am praying for him, Emmanuel Macron, because of what he believes. I listened to his profile – his belief about refugees and immigrants. Today is declaration. We are not playing politics in the Church.

See the video of the prediction below:

During the US presidential elections in 2016, TB Joshua predicted that Hillary Clinton would win, but Donald Trump emerged president instead. In 2017, he however made the accurate choice as 'his candidate' emerged winner.

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