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Banky W: Biography

Banky W: Biography

Banky W is a famous singer and actor. Are you interested in learning more about him? You are in the right place. Read about his family and career here.

Banky W biography

Among Nigerian celebrities and fans, he is widely known as Banky W, Mr. W, King of the Lagos party or Mr. Capable. However, his real name is Olubankole Wellington.

Banky W family

Banky W biography FAMILY

Banky W birthplace is the United States of America, though his parents are Nigerians. His father is from Badagry while his mother is from Cross River. Mr. Capable is 36 years old.

Banky W biography MOTHER

Banky W comes from a big family. He has one sister and three brothers. Have a look at their photos.

Banky W mother, father, and brother

Mother, father, and brother of Banky W

Banky W family

Banky W family in full strength

Banky W and family

Banky W and family - happy together

Banky W wife

Banky W

Banky W wife's name is Adesua Etomi. For some time, this fact was only true in the Nigerian hit film titled The Wedding Party.

In real life, Banky W still was actually a bachelor during the shooting of the movie. Fans went crazy trying to understand whether he really had a love affair with his beautiful love interest

He once shared a list of requirements for his future wife:

Banky W WIFE
  • Love for family and God.
  • Cooking skills aren't so important.
  • Must be ambitious.
  • Has the ability to converse with different people from different societies.
  • Must be beautiful

As it later turned out, Adesua met all these requirements. The musician revealed their engagement in February 2017.

In May, Banky W said that they met in 2012 but did not pay much attention to each other. He realized that this is the woman of his dreams in 2015 and began to collect information about Adesua in hopes of building a relationship with her. At first they were friends then things became romantic.

In addition to the movie, The Wedding Party, their love is also reflected in the song 'Made for you'.

In November 2017, their traditional and white wedding took place.

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Banky W wedding

Banky W and Adesua Etomi traditional wedding

Banky W and Adesua Etomi wedding

Banky W and Adesua Etomi white wedding

The film proved to be a fateful prediction. So fans were very pleased to hear about the shooting of the second part, ‘The Wedding Party 2 - Destination Dubai’. The premiere was in December 2017.

Banky W education

After completing his Secondary School education, Banky W was honored received a scholarship to study at New York college.

He also obtained a degree in Engineering at the Rensselaer Polytechnic institute.

Banky W - Mr. Wellington

Cancer surgeries

Banky W is strong young man, fairly energetic and cheerful person. At the same time, he had serious health problems.

10 years ago he underwent two operations to fight a rare type of skin cancer. Recently, the disease reoccurred so the musician had to undergo a 3rd surgery in 2017. It went successfully.

Banky W cancer

Banky W career

His main interests are singing, acting, and creating musical hits.

Banky W singing career began when he was just 8 years old. He began singing in his church choir at that age.

He was able to set up a record label called Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E.) which was aimed at promoting his music to a bigger audience.

Banky W albums:

  • 2003 - Undeniable (EP);
  • 2005 - Back in the Building;
  • 2008 - Mr. Capable;
  • 2009 - The W Experience;
  • 2013 - R&BW.

Compilation album

2012 - Empire Mates State of Mind.

Banky W career

Banky W is also successful when it comes to marketing himself. He was an ambassador for such companies as Samsung and Ciroc, a premium brand of vodka.

Banky W and Wizkid fight

As you may know, Banky W was Wizkid's former boss. Wizkid decided to leave the EME record label as he intended to create his own label called “Star Boy Entertainment”.

One of the recent proofs of their argument was Wizkid’s behavior at Banky W's concert. He arrived with a lady friend but left the event without even talking to Banky W or other members of the team.

Banky W biography WIZKID

A war between the stars was confirmed via Twitter through these messages:

Banky W message:

"I’m not going to pretend that your absence in the team is nothing for us, definitely, you will be replaced by a better singer."

"I made you who you are today and that is a fact which you can never deny. Best wishes!"

Wizkid Reply:

"I can never be replaced, you mistook my loyalty for stupidity so don’t get mad because I have decided to choose going my own way instead of being a part of your team."

Hope that the article has revealed different important details from Banky W's biography. Follow our site to learn only fresh and interesting information.

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