How to post on Nairaland forum?

How to post on Nairaland forum?

Nairaland forum is very popular. There you will be able not only to ask the needed question you and to find the answer to it but also to give advice to other users and to discuss last events together with them. There is Nairaland business forum, Romance, Crime, Politics, Culture, Religion, Food and many other topics.

How to post on Nairaland forum
How to post on Nairaland forum?

Thousands of people create the posts on Nairaland forum. But some people can't understand how it is necessary to create a subject at this forum. Below you will be able to learn an easy and clear way how to join Nairaland and to become an author of numerous articles.

To create a subject at the forum, you will need Opera Mini or UC or any browser, which can keep the password for an entrance in the Nairaland system by means of a number of your phone. Enter on a forum with the help of Opera Mini, having the working Internet and a really useful idea that your post wasn't senseless.

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How to post on Nairaland
How to post on Nairaland forum?

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  1. Enter the Nairaland forum com or Nairaland forum app as usual,
  2. Open the new tab in your browser,
  3. Enter the name of the website (URL),
  4. Open a link of,
  5. Make sure that you are registered at the forum (or do the registration),
  6. You will see various subjects, and you will be able to scroll them down. At the end of the complete list of subjects, you will see the 'Create a topic' button,
  7. Create a new topic, filling in all the obligatory fields and save (post) it to the public access.
  8. You have to be the registered user of Nairaland and shouldn't place inadmissible advertising as it will limit or cancel your access to Nairaland forever.


How to post
How to post on Nairaland forum?

This way will help users with PC and people who use Nairaland forum android app. This is a simple and fast way to create a topic you want other people to see.

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