Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

Now only lazy in Nigeria does not discuss Buhari’s long stay in London and his possible illnesses. The President has returned after his 49-days absence. Here is the Buhari’s illness update for your kind attention. Read and do not say that you do not now. So, what is the Buhari’s illness in 2017?

Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

Nigerian certified medical doctor, Professor Femi Williams has disclosed the info concerning President Buhari’s illness in the UK. He said: “We now have a pretty good idea of diagnosis, which is now comprehensive or good enough to say that the diagnosis of President Buhari’s illness is anaemia. You cannot be transfused if you don’t have anaemia.”

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First, let’s understand basic notions about anaemia to have more clear picture on the issue.

Disorder not a disease

Many think that anaemia is a disease, however, experts consider anaemia more as a disorder or a deformity, and so we can say that Buhari’s illness is more a disorder.

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A healthy body produces the right amount of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to other cells all over the body. In the case of minerals and vitamins lack, then there is no enough production of red blood cells or they begin to die, as a result, arrives anaemia.

Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

What is anaemia?

Anemia or poor blood as a medical term is a condition when the content of functionally complete red blood cells in blood is reduced, or when the total amount of blood in the body is reduced. Anemia is not an independent disease, it occurs as a syndrome with a variety of diseases and leads to a disruption in the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues of the body, which in turn provokes the development of many other diseases and pathological conditions.

Symptoms of anaemia

The main symptoms of anemia are caused by the lack of oxygen in various organs:

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  • Weakness, fatigue;
  • General malaise;
  • Dyspnea;
  • Pallor of the skin;
  • Dizziness;
  • A tendency to fainting.


There are three main causes of anemia:

  • Significant hemorrhage;
  • Violation of hematopoiesis;
  • Increased destruction of erythrocytes.

Degrees of severity of anemia

By severity, anemia is divided into:

  • Light - the level of hemoglobin is below normal, but above 90 g / l;
  • Average - hemoglobin within the limits of 90-70 g / l;
  • Severe - hemoglobin level less than 70 g / l.
Buhari - anaemia?
Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

Treatment of anaemia

Naturally, the methods of anaemia treatment radically differ depending on the type of anaemia, its causes and severity. The main principle of treatment of anaemia of any kind is one - it is necessary to fight the cause of anaemia.

Having anaemia, caused by blood loss, it is necessary to stop bleeding as soon as possible. With a large life-threatening blood loss, a transfusion of donor blood must be used.

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Having iron deficiency anemia, you must eat foods rich in iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid (they improve the absorption of iron and hemopoiesis), the doctor can also prescribe medications containing these substances.

Having anemia, provoked by infectious diseases and intoxication, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease, carry out urgent measures for detoxification of the body.

Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

In complicated conditions transfusion of blood or packed red blood cells must be used, in order to stimulate own production of red blood cells.

President Muhammed Buhari got a blood transfusion in the UK, so probably he had a high degree of anaemia severity, especially taking into account that the President was transfused with whole blood. He had deficient blood circulation, so all his organs suffered from the lack of oxygen.

President Buhari
Buhari illness 2017: Does he have anaemia?

It was informed that the last eighteen month our President has been feeling tired, possibly due to anaemia. One of the likely trigger for Buhari’s illness in London became kidney and liver damage caused by pain relieving medicines but it is not the fact. Most probably, reasons for Buhari’s anaemia became some type of cancer or just aging. After successful correction, Buhari feels himself much better.

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President Buhari encourages all citizens of Nigeria avoid self-medication and to trust doctors. Some of us are glad that the President is now back home, some are not very glad. The main thing is to know the truth, lack of information is always very frustrating. So don’t forget to share this article with others.

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