Benefits of Zobo Drink for Our Healh

Benefits of Zobo Drink for Our Healh

Zobo drink is a familiar beverage. It is produced from Roselle leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) and well known by Nigerian people. This bright red drink is loved both for every day and as a refreshment drink in parties. This drink has many advantages: available, affordable, tasty, refreshing and have a lot healthy benefits.

Benefits of Zobo Drink

To be more specific let me introduce you zobo drink health benefits.

Zobo Drink for Normalization of Blood Pressure

One of the essential benefit of Zobo drink to the body is a normalization of blood pressure level (prevention of hypertension).

Zobo drink can be used either by hypotensive or by hypertensive. Some people say that you need to drink cold Zobo if the blood pressure level is low and if the pressure level is high, Zobo drink should be warm. In truth, it is misleading; cold Zobo drink has the same benefits as warm, and hot. Just remember that you shouldn't drink it to excess.

Zobo drink is bright red, anthocyanins give the drink this color, they deliver activity of P-vitamin and strengthen the walls of blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

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Zobo drink and diabetes

Zobo drink has very pleasant taste so you can drink it without sugar or honey, so we can say for sure that this drink is able to control blood sugar level, which is useful for people with diabetes.

Zobo drink and kidney desease

Zobo drink doesn’t contain oxalic and urine acid, so it can be drunk by people suffering from gout and kidney stone disease.

Zobo drink for weight loss

Zobo drink is one of the recognized means for weight loss. This drink as already mentioned has diuretic properties, which helps to reduce weight. A fruit acids increase the metabolism (especially if to take it after food), which ultimately burns fat. To do this, you need to take zobo drink for three weeks, and then take a break and again to pass a 10-day course. After all, only long-term use of zobo drink can achieve permanent weight loss effect.

Do you know this tasty aphrodisiac?

Zobo drink and fertility

Zobo drink is considered an aphrodisiac and stimulates libido, awaken sexual desire and help to maintain men’s sexual power.

Zobo drink and pregnancy

Pregnant always are worried concerning what they can eat and drink and what is forbidden.

So very logical question arise if is zobo drink good for a pregnant woman or not.

Zobo drink is not advised in the first trimester, because it can reduce oestrogen level and can provoke menstruation and as a result miscarriage. Zobo is safe for pregnant women after the first trimester when pregnancy is established and in this case even have potential benefits.

Zobo drink and breastfeeding

It is not well aware if it is safe to drink Zobo during breast-feeding, so it is better to abstain from drinking Zobo during this important period.

Zobo drink is a wonderful refreshing drink, there is no hesitation that it has various benefitial qualities: reduces cholesterol, strengths blood vessels, prevents influenza and other respiratory diseases, makes "cleaning" in the body in the case of alcohol intoxication, helps to control harmful microflora, vitalize the growth of useful bacteria.

It is not a secret that Zobo drink has a slight calming effect, settles the nerves, diminishes stress. It is absolutely gentle drink, but remember measure is treasure!

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