Top 10 Akpos Jokes in Nigeria

Top 10 Akpos Jokes in Nigeria

Are you looking for a good laugh? Feeling a bit depressed in the spirit? Then these top ten Akpos Jokes in Nigeria are exactly what you need. Keep reading!

Akpos Jokes in Nigeria

In case you have no idea who Akpos is and why so many people cannot stop laughing at these funny Nigerian jokes, here is a piece of information which will provide the proper background for you to understand the funny side of these jokes.

Akpos is a young man who regularly gets into trouble of all sorts. However, his positive life position and funny character not only get him out of that situation but also makes other people laugh really hard!

Probably every nation has their own “Akpos”; nevertheless, we believe that Nigerian one is the funniest one. So, let’s explore what funny Naija jokes of Akpos we found for your pleasure.

Top ten Akpos funny jokes

1. It is a very boring class. Students are taking notes, while a teacher himself falls asleep on his table. A few minutes later, students laughing and wondering how he could fall asleep during class send Akpos to him to wake him up.

Akpos comes up to a teacher and asks:

- Teacher, are you actually sleeping in the middle of a class?

- No, of course, I am not.

- Then how would you explain what you are doing?

- I am talking to God!

The next day. The same teacher is tutoring the same class. It is just as dull as on the previous day, so Akpos exhausted and not at all interested falls asleep. The teacher walks up to him and asks:

- Akpos, are you sleeping?

- No, teacher, I am not. I am talking to God as well.

- Oh, really?! And what is He telling you then?

- That He has no record of talking to you yesterday.

2. One of the funny naija jokes

“There is no love like mine.”

A man is talking to his woman. Suddenly, she interrupts him and asks:

Woman: Akpos, do you love me?

Akpos: Sure thing, I do/

Woman: How much do you love me then?

Akpos: Words cannot describe.How much!

Woman: Akpos, come on. Tell me!

Akpos (looking at his smartphone): Well, if I were a smartphone, my life without you would be pointless like a smartphone without its SIM card.

Woman: Oh, this is so sweet! (tears od happiness)

Akpos (in his mind): Yes, good thing I am a smartphone with room for two SIM cards.

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3. One of the most popular Christian jokes about Akpos in Nigeria

Akpos was taking a walk in the wild places. Suddenly, a bush moved, and he saw a lion running toward him. Being a Christian, he decided to pray and ask God to save him.

After a short but passionate prayer, he opened his eyes only to notice a lion kneeling down and praying with its eyes closed. Puzzled Akpos asked the lion:

- So, are you also a Christian, right?

The lion opened its eyes and shushed at Akpos:

- Don't you know one has to say a prayer before having lunch?!

4. Computer genius

Akpos is typing his password on a computer. A friend sees it and asks him with genuine interest

Friend: Akpos, why does your password say “Samson”?

Akpos: I chose it after the system had said my previous password was rather weak.

5. Akpos came from school looking confused. His mother asks him:

Mother. Why is it that you seem puzzled? Was there anything wrong with your paper today?

Akpos: Yes, mum. The teacher asked what the past form of the word “think” was. I could not remember it, so I spent much time on it. I thought and thought, and decided that the right answer was “thinked.”

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6. Among other funny Christian jokes of Akpos is the one called “Many are called”

Akpos is at a Sunday school class. A taught is checking how people learned the Bible verses at home. So he starts:

Teacher: Akpos, finish the sentence: “Many are called but…”

Akpos: … but few have credit to call you back.”

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7. One of the top Nigerian jokes about Akpos and a lawyer.

Akpos asks a lawyer for advice:

Akpos: Mister Black, please help me. My neighbour won't give my money back, and I really need them.

Lawyer: No problem. Just provide the evidence he actually took that money.

Akpos: But I have no evidence.

Lawyer: That’s no problem. How much does he owe you?

Akpos: $600.

Lawyer: Then just text him and ask him to pay you your $2000 back.

Akpos: Bu he only owes me $600.

Lawyer: That’s what he will answer, and you will get evidence.

8. And here is one of the funny jokes about men.

A pissed off wife calls her husband.

Wife: Where on earth are you?

Husband: Don’t be so angry, dear. Remember an old antique store downtown you took me to last week?

Wife (melting): Yes, love.

Husband: The one where you pointed at a beautiful and quite expensive tiara and told me you really wanted it.

Wife: Of course, I do (eyes full of hope).

Husband: Well, then don’t worry. Because I am in the car repair shop right next to it.

9. Another Akpos’ short joke

It’s a family gathering. A father starts a conversation with his family.

Father: If you had to choose between brain and money, what would you pick?

Sister: I would choose brain.

Mother: I would pick money.

Akpos: So, I believe everyone chooses what he actually lacks.

10. Akpos is in the cinema with his friends. All of them are already watching a movie while he can’t get a ticket. When he comes up to the cash register for the sixth time, a manager asks him.

Manager: Sir, I am sorry to interrupt, but it’s already the sixth ticket you buy tonight. Why do you need so many?

Akpos: Well, I don’t see this many, but the stupid man by the entrance keeps tearing it up!

We hope you had a good laugh with our funny jokes about Akpos. He seems to be one of the most loved Nigerian characters who entertain and make people around him laugh at troubles when they get in the same situation. So, if had a rough day, go through these jokes!

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