How BetKing’s iOS & Android apps will improve your betting experience

How BetKing’s iOS & Android apps will improve your betting experience

Bold statements are interesting. The sheer number of variables in everyday life means that making a bold statement could turn out to be embarrassing.

And yet, we’re boldly stating it - BetKing’s iOS and Android apps will improve your betting experience; we’re that confident.

How? Why? Well, read on and you’ll find out

How BetKing’s iOS & Android apps will improve your betting experience

BetKing’s app launch

While BetKing’s Android app was launched in 2023, its iOS counterpart was added to the app store in March 2024. In that short period, it has accumulated a 4-star rating and is ranked #14 in the “sports” category.

Crucially, it has ensured that the demand for the leading Nigerian bookmaker to become available to bettors on their mobile devices has now been met.

How to download both apps

You can download both apps on the native app store of each platform. To do that, type “BetKing” into the search bar and download the app. Android users can also use this direct link. While iPhone users can get the app with this direct link.

Once you have the app installed on your device, proceed to “login” if you already have a BetKing account or “join” if you’re a new user.

For the latter demographic, fill the form on the “sign up” page by following the prompts. When that is done, verify your identity by completing the KYC and you’re good to go. Make your first deposit, start placing bets and you’ll become eligible for their “bet and get ₦600k in free bets” promo.

Nice welcome, eh?

Benefits of using BetKing’s apps

We’ve told you that using BetKing’s apps will be beneficial to you. Here, we explain exactly what you’ll get:

Security and privacy: First off, security, which really cannot be over-emphasized. BetKing’s emphasis on security means that their apps have been secured with the latest encryption technology. Basically, your money is safe. And it gets better as your privacy is also a priority for them.

Comprehensive Sports Coverage: Some apps are streamlined and as such, have less information/content than the website. Not so here as you will enjoy all the same products and features you can find on the BetKing mobile website. Online sports betting, Virtual bets, the “pick 11” Jackpot Bet or the Online Casino, you will have plenty of chances to win big. And it gets even better; you can also access the BetKing Blog directly from either app.

Speedy, user-friendly interface: BetKing’s apps are optimized to make navigation easy and FAST, all while taking up just 25mb of space on your device. Follow the prompts and you’ll easily find whatever you’re looking for.

How BetKing’s iOS & Android apps will improve your betting experience

Live and prematch odds galore: The direct benefit of all that speed? You get an edge when you bet on live and prematch markets. If you’ve ever narrowly missed out on placing a bet on a live/prematch market due to time, the likelihood of that is reduced, all thanks to the speed and easy navigation of both apps.

Bonuses and promotions: Like we said before, you won’t have to give up anything with the BetKing apps. All the exciting bonuses and promotions available on the website? Also available on the apps. Sign up or login to enjoy promos like BetKing’s “bet and get ₦600k in free bets or the Free bet Club!

Reliable customer support and payment options: Say goodbye to customer service/payment frustrations. With the app, you can contact BetKing’s customer support team for 24/7 help. You can also make deposits into your account with variety of payment methods and easily withdraw your winnings within two business days as well.


This is one of the easiest recommendations we’ve ever made. Download the app that works best with your mobile device and find out for yourself why many people consider them to be among the best betting apps around already!



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