"Mumu": Angry Man Rants as He Leaks Ungrateful Girlfriend's WhatsApp Response after He Gave Her N70k

"Mumu": Angry Man Rants as He Leaks Ungrateful Girlfriend's WhatsApp Response after He Gave Her N70k

  • A Nigerian man, who sent his girlfriend N70k, has shared her ungrateful reply to him on WhatsApp
  • She had requested for N160k to get makeup products but he could only afford N70k for the time being
  • His WhatsApp chat with the lady sent netizens into a frenzy as some blasted him for encouraging such an attitude

A Nigerian man, @iamObaino_, got angry owing to his girlfriend's ungrateful response after he sent her N70k.

According to @iamObaino_, she told him she needed some makeup products totalling N160k.

Man shares girlfriend's heartbreaking reply after he gave her N70k
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He told her to pick up the products little by little and sent her N70k but did not get a 'thank you.' In his words:

"Thanks for this dear. My babe told me today, she needed to get some Makeup products, everything totaling 160k. I told her not to pick everything once that I can get it for her bit by bit. She said send what you Can send, I sent her 70k she no even say thank you. Omo I won mad."

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@iamObaino_ shared his WhatsApp chat with her as proof.

See his tweet below:

Opinions divided on the boyfriend-girlfriend issue

@Uchihadefacto said:

"Chief no worry, you still did well with the “send it back” but don’t always give her 100%,let her put in her own money for things she like to have or buy, make she sef dey sacrifice."

@Omoiyaagbaa said:

"Ọmọ 100x.
"I don't pray to be in this kind of situation I will definitely scope her and get back the money.
"If she fall for my scope then otilo."

@donearlylife said:

"What are you waiting for man.
"You Don already save am with wifey giving her more privileges and status."

@STUD_DD said:

"Real wife or Alias? If it’s alias then na you cause am.calling her wifey gave her the audacity ."

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@Jad_Furher said:

"Omo and you save this person as wifeyyy?
"Brother, reconsider."

@SoloJah1 said:

"What now happened?
"After she said "biko", your bank app supposed develop peoblem na."

@dr_chidieke said:

"I look at this picture and memories start flushing down my head. I was a mumu!"

Man breaks up with his ungrateful girlfriend

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a man had dumped his ungrateful girlfriend.

The lady, believed to be an ex-girlfriend of a yahoo boy in Warri, was gifted a Tecno phone by her current boyfriend but rejected it, saying that her stolen phone was an iPhone.

However, unknown to the lady, her boyfriend has reportedly kept an iPhone 13 pro max for her at home but wanted to test her reaction with the Tecno phone.

When the lady rejected the Tecno, her boyfriend collected it back without hesitation and left her house immediately.

Source: Legit.ng

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