"No Need to Fight": Dog Smartly Covers Food to Prevent Hen From Eating it, Video Trends on TikTok

"No Need to Fight": Dog Smartly Covers Food to Prevent Hen From Eating it, Video Trends on TikTok

  • A dog stunned TikTok users after a video showed how smartly it behaved when a hen wanted to peck its food
  • When the hen approached the food and started pecking, the dog picked a cover and shielded the food
  • The intelligent behaviour and how the dog refused to fight with the hen impressed many TikTok users, who praised it

A dog stunned TikTok users with its humanlike behaviour after it covered its food perfectly.

In a video that has gone viral and impressed many people, the dog finished eating, and some food remained.

A dog covered its food and prevented a chicken from eating from it.
The chicken started pecking at the food, but the dog covered it. Photo credit: TikTok/@cuncon13686.
Source: TikTok

A chicken approached the dog's food and started pecking at it. The dog did not like it, and instead of confronting the chicken violently, it found a covering for the food.

It picked up a lid by the side and placed it over the food, preventing the chicken from pecking.

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The dog's smart behaviour and how it prevented a fight impressed TikTok users. The video was shared by @cuncon13686.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users as dog covers its food

@useSisBravo said:

"Wow! The dog doesn't want a fight, just cover your food! Brilliant."

@mrthomas279 reacted:

"Problem resolved without a conflict. The genius doggie saves chicken and will live to have many more egg omelettes."

@action Lady said:

"The dog says you are not my fight mate. Let me just cover my food."

@amos said:

"I don't want problems I want peace."

@sexyangeline said:

"He knew he wouldn't win so he took the easy way out."

@user8166183206655 said:

"Prevention is better than fight."

@user9443111812511 said:

"Did not expect this, I expected war."

@moonstones23 commented:

"I wished I could be this calm and peaceful."

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@ugiri said:

"Leave my food please, l don't want any problem."

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