Case Dismissed: Smart Little Nigerian Girl Rescues Her Father in Court, Impressed the US Judge in Viral Video

Case Dismissed: Smart Little Nigerian Girl Rescues Her Father in Court, Impressed the US Judge in Viral Video

  • Save for his little daughter, a Nigerian man living in the US may not have had his case dismissed so easily
  • The Nigerian man was accused of going through the red light with video proof and was brought before Judge Frank Caprio's court in Providence, Rhode Island
  • However, the Nigerian's little daughter identified as Tofunmi caught the attention of the judge and was pivotal in having the case dismissed

Francesco "Frank" Caprio, the chief municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island, has been hailed on social media for his lovely handling of a case involving a Nigerian man that was brought before his court.

In one of his televised judicial works on the program Caught in Providence, a Nigerian man accused of going through the red light was brought before him.

Judge Francesco "Frank" Caprio, Tofunmi, red light, Caught in Providence
Judge Caprio was impressed by Tofunmi's brilliance. Photo Credit: TikTok/@chief_judge_official
Source: UGC

Judge Caprio dismissed the case

In a heartwarming video shared by @chief_judge_official on TikTok, the man appeared with his daughter named Tofunmi in court.

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As soon as he identified himself before the judge, Caprio couldn't help but notice the little girl beside him with a covered right eye.

He then engaged her on the case throughout.

Judge Caprio told Tofunmi, a future doctor hopeful, that her dad was accused of going through the red light. He then made her watch a video proof.

Admitting that her dad did commit the offense, Tofunmi informed the judge in the course of their back-and-forth convo that she was actually in the car when it happened.

Tofunmi said her dad was taking her to see a doctor for her eye surgery. This moved the judge who then presented three ways the case could end up in.

Judge Caprio said her dad could be fined $85 (N35, 600) for the offense or charged a court cost of $35 (N14, 600) or that the case may be dismissed due to the human angle to it.

The kindhearted judge then made the girl tell him to dismiss the case - a request he was more than willing to grant.

Watch the video below:

Netizens hail Judge Caprio

nahztyjay said:

"This judge is always doing the right thing for humanity. God keep him long . Amen."

JG Mgidi Geelboy said:

"I think we need a little bit more longer time with gud pple on this earth so pple can learn from them and learn how kindness should be no matter what."

Eric Kyere said:

"This is the real judge by profession I love him so much may God bless him and give him long life."

Bakht Munir971 said:

"Why we are not getting some like you judge we will welcome just come to our country and teach them how to make judgement and teach them about humanity."

Judge Caprio recognises the accused before him and did something lovely

Meanwhile, previously reported that Judge Caprio had done something interesting after recognising an accused fellow brought before him in court.

The judge recounted how he and the accused had met when they were still young in 1960. The accused, Gidway himself was once a lawyer and the judge told him also where he use to work when he was in practice.

Gidway was accused of a traffic violation, but he denied it, saying he was nowhere near where the offense was committed on the said date.

The judge, Frank Caprio later dismissed the case, having found that Gidway was telling the truth. He also mentioned that Gidway's credibility and his contributions to society helped decide the case in his favour.


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