Company to Pay People N1m Per Month, N13.5m in a Year Just to Lie in Bed all Day, Applications Now Ongoing

Company to Pay People N1m Per Month, N13.5m in a Year Just to Lie in Bed all Day, Applications Now Ongoing

  • There exists a company that is very much willing to pay just anyone money for lying on a bed all-day
  • The company which specialises in the production of mattresses said it will pay people N13.5 million a year to try out different mattresses
  • The salary which translates to N1 million monthly will see its successful applicants take notes and make assessments on how comfortable they are in the mattresses

Apart from reducing stress and helping muscles relax, lying in bed saves energy but it has now become a job opportunity as a company is willing to pay people for it.

Ladbible reports that a luxury bed-making company identified as Crafted Beds are currently accepting applications for a mattress tester.

Applications currently ongoing for job where people are paid N13.5 a year just for lying in bed all day
The company specialises in making mattresses Photo Credit: Envato Elements
Source: UGC

The job will see successful applicants paid £24,000 (N13,589,203.20) per year which when broken down is £2,000 (N1,132,433.60) monthly.

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You are paid just to lie in bed

While successful applicants will work 37.5 hours a week, the job is all about just lying in bed.

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They'd also be required to test different mattresses every week, take notes and make assessments on their comfortability.

The aim of the job is to help the bed company make mattresses that offer the best comfort to customers.

Internet users share their thoughts on the uncommon job opportunity

@samday83 opined:

"@mattsmith112 made for this mr 9 sleeps a day - she knows @meganwsmith112."

@ethan__north commented:

"@madisonkatehayden couldn’t think of anything worse tbh."

@mentallillentil said:

"@perezbela @stusb fancy a career change? Maybe more up @boerieroll street?"

@echengla remarked:

"@sarahf91 if only the salary was more than 24k "

@jamlewisroystonhowitt thought:

"@angelina_vancartier_217 if i win the lottery ill pay you to do this "

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Company to pay people N534k to watch 13 scariest movies

Meanwhile, previously reported about a company that is willing to pay N534k to anyone who is willing to watch 13 scariest movies.

According to CNN, FinanceBuzz is researching to determine whether the size of a movie's budget impacts how effective it is to the audience.

The company is hiring someone to be a horror movie heart rate analyst, and as the person watches the movies, his heart rate will be monitored using Fitbit.

This is just in time for October, majorly known as the spooky season with Halloween and such, hence the perfect timing for their research.

FinanceBuzz wants to know if high budget movies scare people more than lower budget ones or it is a matter of good writing.


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