Baqers Redefines International Cake Gifting: Connecting Nigerians Worldwide

Baqers Redefines International Cake Gifting: Connecting Nigerians Worldwide

It is estimated that there are over 17 million Nigerians living abroad, with that number growing each day.

Many people leave their families and friends to pursue their dreams and aspirations, but they often find themselves missing out on important celebrations and milestones back home.

Baqers Redefines International Cake Gifting: Connecting Nigerians Worldwide

To bridge this gap and help Nigerians stay connected with their loved ones in Nigeria, Baqers is poised to provide a unique cake ordering and gifting service, offering high-quality cakes crafted by a network of verified professional bakers across different cities in Nigeria. The platform partners with Paystack; another fast-growing Nigerian company, allows for safe international payments by fast routing delivery technology ensuring that every occasion is celebrated to the fullest.

Baqers, initially launched in Lagos, Nigeria, is now expanding its operations to Abuja and Port Harcourt in May 2024, with plans for further expansion into other key cities across Nigeria.

According to Nike Majekodunmi, CEO of Baqers, "At Baqers, we believe distance should never hinder love and appreciation

Ayo Cole, a satisfied Baqers customer living in the United States, shared his experience: "Birthday celebrations have always been an important part of my family tradition," Ayo shared. "Even though I was far away, I wanted to feel connected with my family and celebrate with my grandma, especially since we have so many cherished memories together. After reading through some online reviews, I was convinced they could help me put a smile on her face by sending her a beautiful cake and reminding her that distance meant nothing when it comes to showing love and I was thrilled because they delivered as I had expected. "What I loved most about the service was that it was quick and easy without any hassle.”

He encouraged everyone to tap into this unique experience by ordering a cake from Baqers for a loved one. After all, nothing says "I love you" like a delicious cake shared with family and friends.

Certainly, Baqers has proven to be an exceptional platform, offering a promising experience for individuals separated from their loved ones during special moments. Whether near or far, Baqers enables users to express their affection by sending exquisite cakes from anywhere in the world, regardless of their location.



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