What Happens to Ekweremadu’s Sick Girl? Kidney Disease Is No Joke

What Happens to Ekweremadu’s Sick Girl? Kidney Disease Is No Joke

Editor's note: Aanu Adegun, a journalist with Legit.ng in this opinion urges Nigerians to allow the court process to play out before condemning former deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu.

It is no longer news that former deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu were arrested and charged to a UK court.

What happens to Ekweremadu's sick child?
Aanu Adegun urges Nigerians to allow the court process to play out before condemning former Ike Ekweremadu. Photo: The Cable
Source: UGC

They were alleged to have brought a 15-year-old boy to UK for the purpose of harvesting his organ. It is no longer news that the said organ will reportedly be used for transplant on the lawmaker's daughter who is suffering from kidney disease.

All these are allegations. Truth will emerge eventually. But before then, Nigerians need to calm down.

Granted, Ekweremadu is one of Nigeria's politicians who oversaw the retrogression of the country. But one thing we cannot take away from him, he his a father. A father who is ready to do anything for his children.

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No father can watch his daughter dying, writhing in agony as she goes on the dialysis machine without doing anything about it.

Many of us might not have the luxury of taking our sick child abroad for a transplant if the need arises, but majority of us will not hesitate to take the Ekweremadu path if given the chance.

This brings me to those rejoicing about his predicament. Some of them are gleefully going about on social media, sharing how the lawmaker asked people not to vote for one Peter Obi from the southeast. According to them, he is suffering from karma over his utterances against Obi.

To me, this is warped thinking. The people involved in this line of thoughts are not better than Boko Haram and bandits terrorising the country. They have no empathy, no emotion.

Whether he is found guilty or set free eventually, Ekweremadu is human. He is a troubled father, trying to do what he thinks is best for his sick child.

Now, have we thought about the innocent child? What happens to her? Have we thought of the trauma she is going through right now? For those who can pray, please put the young girl in your prayers. In this case, she will be the loser and her life is the stake.

And for those who believe the parents should have volunteered to donate their own organs, you don't know the state of their organs as regards compatibility among others. I have also read from some apostles of morality who are lambasting the sick lady because of her skin. Please stop this. that line is too pedestrian.

This is not to say I am in support of the former deputy Senate president and his wife's action. But he has not yet been declared guilty. Truth about the issue is not truly out. Like me, I urge us all to make our peace and await the outcome of the trial.

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