Beguile Launches New Signature Fragrance: Mystique

Beguile Launches New Signature Fragrance: Mystique

Beguile, a three-year-old fragrance company in Nigeria with a track record of good perfumes has recently launched its signature fragrance called “Mystique”. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Beguile has captivated the senses of fragrance enthusiasts with its unique and sophisticated offerings.

Beguile's perfumes aren't just known for nice smells alone; they're like little adventures in a bottle. Each scent is designed to totally capture your senses and make you feel something special. When you wear one, it's like stepping into a different world or time.

Beguile Launches New Signature Fragrance: Mystique

Features of Mystique

Mystique is a beloved choice among women. It's designed to be adaptable, making it suitable for both daytime and evening wear, ensuring you smell elegant and fresh for any occasion. With Mystique, you can enjoy a high-quality and elegant scent without breaking the bank.


Mystique by Beguile is a captivating blend that takes you on a sensory journey. Each layer of this fragrance is meticulously crafted to evoke different emotions and impressions. From its refreshing opening to its rich floral heart and warm, lingering base, Mystique promises a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Let's explore the notes that make Mystique a standout fragrance:

The top notes: This include Peach, Pear, Grapefruit, Apple and Bergamot which provide a refreshing opening, giving the perfume a bright and zesty initial impression.

The Mid notes: This includes Sandalwood, Plum, Rose, Jasmine and Ylang-ylang. The middle of the fragrance is a rich, floral bouquet, adding depth and a touch of elegance.

The Base notes: This includes Vanilla, Amber, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Musk. These warm, sensual notes create a lasting impression, making the scent linger pleasantly on the skin.


Mystique is priced at N15,000 for 10 ml and N59,000 for 100 ml.

How to Place an Order:

Kindly follow the steps below:

Visit Beguile’s Official Website: To order mystique by beguile, simply visit the official website here.

Select Your Preferred Size: Choose the size of the perfume bottle you want to purchase. Perfumes often come in various sizes, such as 10ml or 100ml, so select the one that suits your preference and budget.

Add to Cart: Once you’ve decided on the size, click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Review Your Cart: Before proceeding to checkout, review the items in your cart to ensure everything is correct. You can also adjust quantities or remove items if needed.

Proceed to Checkout: Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to start the ordering process.

Enter Shipping Information: Provide your shipping address and any other required details for delivery. Make sure the address is accurate to avoid any shipping delays.

Select Shipping Method: Choose your preferred shipping method. Options may include pickup and doorstep delivery depending on your location.

Review Order Summary: Double-check your order summary to ensure all details, including the perfume size, quantity, and total price, are correct.

Make Payment: Proceed to the payment section and enter your payment information. This typically includes debit card details.

Place Your Order: Once payment is processed successfully, you should receive a confirmation email with your order details and estimated delivery time.

Enjoy Your Perfume: Once your perfume arrives, open it up, spritz it on, and enjoy the luxurious scent experience!


Beguile, a burgeoning fragrance company continues to showcase elegance and style with its latest creation, Mystique. Mystique isn’t just about pleasant scents; it's an experience in every bottle. From its refreshing top notes of peach, pear, and bergamot to the rich floral bouquet of sandalwood, rose, and jasmine in its heart, and the warm embrace of vanilla and amber in its base, Mystique creates a story of elegance and charm.

Ordering Mystique is simple. Just visit BeguileByOmaa, choose your preferred size, and follow the simple checkout steps. With quick delivery to your door, Mystique will make your daily routine special with its delightful scent.



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