Get 100% Scholarship Fund in the Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Program

Get 100% Scholarship Fund in the Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Program

In an age where digital marketing plays a pivotal role in shaping businesses and industries, it's essential that women have equal opportunities to succeed in this dynamic field. Recognizing this need, we are proud to introduce our Digital Marketing Employability and Entrepreneurship Program designed exclusively for women, offering tuition-free scholarships and promising job prospects.

The digital marketing industry has long suffered from a significant gender gap, with women being underrepresented in various roles. This imbalance is not due to a lack of talent or passion but often stems from limited access to resources and opportunities. Our program aims to break these barriers and provide women with the tools and support they need to excel in the world of digital marketing.

Get 100% Scholarship Fund in the Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Program

Digital marketing is at the forefront of modern business strategies, encompassing a wide range of techniques like SEO, content marketing, social media management, and analytics. These skills are in high demand, making digital marketing a lucrative career path. By empowering women with these skills, we aim to help them not only advance in their careers but also play an instrumental role in reshaping the industry.

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Our tuition-free scholarship program is the foundation of this empowerment initiative. It offers aspiring female digital marketers the opportunity to acquire essential skills without the financial burden of tuition fees.

With our online learning designed with experts from the Netherlands to get you a high-paying job as an internationally certified digital marketing professional. Mentorship, Career services and free tuition, participants will receive training in the core aspects of digital marketing, ensuring they're well-prepared to enter the field with confidence. And after completion of the training, participants will receive a UK globally recognized certificate.

Our commitment doesn't end with providing scholarships. We believe in nurturing the career growth of every woman who completes our program with our job-matching platform and career support services.

Note: The normal tuition fee for this training program is N100,000. However, if your scholarship application is successful, you’ll be required to pay an application and acceptance fee of N20,000.

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