Nigerian fashion designer embarks on a journey to Forex trading with Octa's ‘You Too Can’ initiative

Nigerian fashion designer embarks on a journey to Forex trading with Octa's ‘You Too Can’ initiative

  • Follow along as Octa's ambassador guides his mentee to getting her first $1,000 in trading profit.

Tolu Adebisi, a Nigerian fashion designer and linguist, is on a mission to transition from a Forex trading beginner to a profitable trader as part of Octa's ‘You Too Can’ initiative. This program is designed to empower individuals by providing them with the knowledge and support needed to succeed in the Forex market and to offer a model for others to follow and learn from. Tolu is the first mentee in this ongoing initiative.

Nigerian fashion designer embarks on a journey to Forex trading with Octa's ‘You Too Can’ initiative

Tolu first encountered Octa during their 2023 Lagos Forex Masterclass. Motivated by the potential of Forex trading, she is now committed to learning the specifics of the trade. Aiming to achieve her first $1,000 in trading profit, Tolu will be working diligently until June 12th under the guidance of Ambrose Ebuka, Octa's ambassador.

Ambrose Ebuka, a seasoned Forex educator, is mentoring Tolu throughout the process. This includes the basics of Forex trading and moving towards more advanced strategies. Tolu's journey consists of a combination of theoretical learning and practice, supported by classes and live trading sessions.

This initiative showcases how dedication and the right resources can transform a novice into a profitable trader. By following Tolu's progress, viewers can learn to avoid common beginner mistakes and benefit from the expert advice she receives.

Follow Tolu's journey to achieve her $1,000 trading profit goal with Ambrose Ebuka's guidance and the Octa community's support. The show is in full swing, so don't miss the chance to learn useful trading information.

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Octa has also won more than 70 awards since its foundation, including the 'Best Educational Broker 2023' award from Global Forex Awards and the 'Best Global Broker Asia 2022' award from International Business Magazine.



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