Meta Monetization Features: Content Creators To Earn From Facebook, Instagram

Meta Monetization Features: Content Creators To Earn From Facebook, Instagram

  • Nigerian social media content creators on Meta can earn up to N150,000 for every 10,000 views on their Facebook content with new monetization features
  • Meta's introduced new features, in-stream ads and Facebook ads on reels enabling creators to monetise original videos and engage with their community for earnings
  • Eligible creators in Nigeria and Ghana, supported in over 30 languages globally, can participate in Meta's monetization programs journalist Dave Ibemere has over a decade of business journalism experience with in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian economy, stocks, and general market trends.

Meta Platforms Incas announced a new monetisation feature that promises substantial earnings for creators based in Nigeria on Facebook and Instagram.

According to a statement from the social media company, the two features will enable creators to earn money for crafting original videos and cultivating community.

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Meta to pay Nigerian content creators
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The statement said:

"Eligible Creators in Nigeria and Ghana will be able to earn money for their video and reels content, with support in over 30 languages globally."

Eligibility criteria to monetise content

Meta noted that to use either product, creators must pass and remain compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies, and they must be at least 18 years old.

Additionally, for in-stream ads, Meta said creators must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as having a minimum of 5,000 followers.

According to Meta, in-stream ads can play before, during, or after on-demand videos, whether it’s pre-recorded content or when publishing a recording of a previous live stream.

The company explained:

“Types of in-stream ads include pre-roll ads (which play before a video starts), mid-roll ads (which play during videos), image ads (static image ads that display beneath the content), and post-roll ads (ads which appear at the end of videos)."

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It added that ads on Facebook Reels integrate seamlessly into original Reels, enabling creators to get paid based on the performance of their original Reels while entertaining fans.

How Facebook's Payment System Works for Creators

Here is a breakdown of how the content revenue will work.

Ad Revenue Sharing Model:

Creators earn a percentage of the revenue generated from ads displayed alongside their content.

The percentage varies based on content engagement, audience demographics, and ad bids.

Facebook Stars Program:

Fans can reward creators with virtual gifts called Stars.

These stars can be converted into real money by the creators.

Fluctuating Payment Structure:

Facebook's algorithms and ad formats change over time, affecting the payment structure.

The exact earnings per thousand views (CPM) are constantly evolving and difficult to pinpoint.

Factors Influencing CPM:

Advertiser Demand: Higher demand for ad placements in a specific niche or audience increases the CPM.

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Audience Engagement: High engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) attract more advertisers, leading to higher CPMs.

Creator's Location and Niche: Creators in developed countries or popular niches typically earn higher CPMs compared to those in developing countries or less popular niches.

Average CPM:

In 2023, the average CPM for Facebook videos ranges from $10 to $19 per 1,000 views.

This means a creator could potentially earn $100(N150,000) to $190 for 10,000 views.

Qualification for content monetisation in Nigeria

Meanwhile, previously reported an interesting update regarding Facebook monetisation.

Earning money on Facebook is not that hard, but one must first qualify for it by meeting all the strict rules and following all Facebook community policies.

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook, but some people don't know how to check if they have qualified for monetisation. listed simple steps to take if one wants to know if they are qualified to monetise their content on Facebook.


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