Ten Rules And Laws The Royal Family is Not Obliged to Obey

Ten Rules And Laws The Royal Family is Not Obliged to Obey

  • The United Kingdom's royal family has a set of rules they are permitted to disregard unlike everyone else
  • Although they deliberate keep some of the rules, they are exempt from paying taxes on family income, among others
  • They are also not required to travel with passports or need a driving licence before they can hit the roads

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While everyone in the United Kingdom is subject to the laws of the land, the royal family are exempt from obeying or, in some cases, breaking some laws and rules in the country.

According to reports, the royals are not meant to abide by the following rules and laws.

Royal Family, King Charles
King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry Credit: Chris Jackson / Staff
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Cannot be arrested or be subject to civil and criminal proceedings

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The new King, Charles III, enjoys immunity. He cannot be prosecuted under civil or be subjected to a criminal investigation.

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The rule applied to the late Queen Elizabeth II. The royal family's official website stated that, although civil or criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Sovereign as a person under UK law, the Queen ensured that her duties were done under the law.

The royal family does not have to obey legal speed limits

Except when driven by the police, an official on royal duty can drive as fast or slow as they wish.

The Road, Traffic Regulation Act permits police, fire, ambulance and other enforcement agency vehicles to break speed limits.

No need for a passport to travel

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All the passports in the United Kingdom are issued with the Queen's name. As a result, the Queen does not need her passport to travel.

The passports will be reissued in the King's name following the Queen's death.

The Queen/King was never required to have a driver's license.

Queen Elizabeth II was a trained driver and mechanic at 18 for the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II.

She was never required to take a driving test and could drive without a number plate because all plate numbers in the UK are issued in her name.

King Charles will continue with the same tradition.

No need for legal last names

Members of the royal family are not required to use their legal last names despite having one.

Before 1917, royal family members had no surnames, but now, the male-line descendants of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip bear the last name of Mountbatten-Windsor.

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Automatic legal custody of grandchildren

King Charles III has automatic legal custody of his grandchildren. So, technically, he has legal custody of Princes William and Harry's children.

The rule dated back 300 years ago, and it is unlikely Price Charles would change it.

Exempt from paying taxes in certain instances.

According to Insider, though not legally required to pay taxes, the Queen and King Charles made voluntary payments on income, assets and gains not used for official purposes.

Other parts of the royal family's income are also exempt from taxes. Some of them voluntarily pay income taxes on all revenue from the estate.

The royals are also able to skip out on jury duty

One of the perks that members of the King's family do not have to take part in is jury duty. In the United Kingdom, evading jury duty results in a fine of about 1,000 pounds.

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The King and his immediate family are not required to participate in Jury duty.

Have two birthdays.

The Queen had two birthdays every year. Her actual birthday is on April 21 and her official birthday celebration is on the second Saturday in June.

King Charles' actual birthday is in November; he could follow the Queen to have a second birthday in June.

Exempt from the FOI Act.

The rules allow the royal family more privacy over their everyday duties and financials. For example, they release annual financial returns, but the law forbids the UK public from accessing detailed expenditures.

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Legit.ng reported that Queen Elizabeth would rest on Monday, September 19, 2022. Her remains have been displayed where royals and people from all works of life are paying their last respect.

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Source: Legit.ng

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