Man Who Makes N66.4 Monthly Million Teaching Music on YouTube Says he Works 5 Hours a Week

Man Who Makes N66.4 Monthly Million Teaching Music on YouTube Says he Works 5 Hours a Week

  • A struggling music producer said he turned a corner after he started blogging about music and teaching people online
  • Graham Cochrane said he decided to face his music production business after he lost his job in 2009
  • Now, according to the father of two, he makes about N66 million every month teaching music online

Graham Cochrane said he grew up loving music and decided to become a full-time musician. He worked a 9-5 job as an audio engineer and was growing a business as a freelance music producer on the side.

At the age of 26 in 2009, he lost his job and decided to take his production gig full-time.

Cochrane said he struggled to make ends meet as he made between $800 to $1,000 per month while his wife earned between $500 to $1,000 monthly as a photographer. They lived on food stamps and government handouts. Also, the pressure of becoming new parents added to their financial strains, he wrote on CNBC.

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Grahma Cochrane, Music producer
Graham Cochrane turned a started making money after he began a blog Credit: Graham Cochrane
Source: UGC

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The turning point

Late in 2009, he decided to begin a music blog he called the Recording Revolution out of the desire to survive and make more money. Cochrane said he thought that having an online presence would help him land more production customers.

The plan took some time before coming to fruition and turning into a profitable venture. But in 2022, he was making more money from his online business than he did as a producer.

His business, the Recording Revolution grossed over N16 million in a month. He also made close to N50 million per month in gross sales through his online coaching classes. He teaches clients what he did to make his blog a success.

According to him, he has achieved success at 38. The music producer says despite running two businesses, he gets to work 5 hours weekly and gets to spend time with his family.

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Turning passion into a business

Cochrane said he began the Recording Revolution as a blog and a YouTube channel to share his understanding of music and get more clients for his production business.

The father of two said he first posted three blogs on his website and one video on YouTube every week and shared step-by-step instructions for different recording and editing techniques and processes.

During his first year on YouTube, he saw his daily views grow from 60 to 2,000. He saw an opportunity to make money through his videos as his audience grew.

In the beginning, he made from $200 to $1,000 monthly through video sponsorships and advert revenues.

But in 2010, I found the key to a more lucrative business: Building and launching my own digital products, like eBooks or online courses, that teach people valuable skills I picked up throughout my career.

Raking in $160,000 per month in passive income

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The business mogul said he created and sold his first online course in 2o10 which taught his clients how to use the recording software Pro Tools for $45.

In April 2010, I created and sold my first online course, which taught customers how to use the popular recording software Pro Tools for $45 and also used a screen recording software called Screenflow to demonstrate how it works.

He got recommendations on how to start an email list to market his courses. In order to attract subscribers, he offered a free eBook. He said he had about 500 subscribers at the time he sold his first online course.

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