Man Who Has Received COVID-19 Vaccine 12 Times Says he Wants More

Man Who Has Received COVID-19 Vaccine 12 Times Says he Wants More

  • As the world is reeling from the effect of COVID-19 and governments are looking for ways to mitigate it one man says he has received the vaccine shots 12 times
  • Mr. Brahmdeo Mandal said he he is excited about the effect of the vaccine on his body especially his backache
  • Authorities in his district said they investigating how Mandal was able to be jabbed for that number of times

While many are waiting in line to get their first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine and others are hesitating about it, one man in India says he has been jabbed 12 times.

Brahmdeo Mandal from India says he is happy about the healing promise of the vaccine which has driven to get jabbed 12 times and he says he is always on the lookout for more.

Mandal Credit: The New York Times
Source: UGC

The quest for more jabs

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According to the retired postman, he had his first shot at a local clinic and he has since gone on and on about getting more of it.

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The New York Times reports that Mandal has kept a record of the date and place of each vaccination in a small notebook.

Mandal said it is helping general health as he says his backache has had a massive improvement and his appetite has also been revived.

Mandal said:

“I was always looking for new vaccine camps and would go there,” Mr. Mandal said. “Nobody would recognize me.”

A Dr. said he has spoken to Mandal about his constant desire for more jabs.

How he was found out

The Chief Medical Officer in Madhepura, told reporters that he had spoken to the 85-year-old man about getting doses because of his belief that it cures ailments, many of which are natural for a man his age.

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He said:

“Yes, he is claiming that he got 12 doses. I have constituted a three-member investigating team to find the truth.”

He used his national ID card and his phone number to receive nine out of the 12 vaccines. After that, he said he began using other forms of identification like voter cards and the phone number of his spouse and his friends.

It is not clear he was discovered but people believe that he may have been bragging about his many shots to some people who may have tipped off the local news outlets.

Investigation is ongoing

Authorities in the locality of Madhepura said an investigation is ongoing.

It has not been proven whether multiple jabs do supercharge the immune system nut Mandal’s appetite for shots seems not to have waned.

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