Man Sues Former Boss Who Paid Him N379k in Grease-stained Coins After Several Months of Asking for his Money

Man Sues Former Boss Who Paid Him N379k in Grease-stained Coins After Several Months of Asking for his Money

  • A wicked boss who paid his former employee with a wheelbarrow full of greasy coins has been taken to the court
  • The man, Miles Walker was sued by Adreas Flaten who said she was shocked by the action of the auto repair shop where he walked before resigning
  • He is demanding over N15 million in damages for causing distress after he said he spent hours cleaning up the messed up coins

A petty boss who paid his former staff in a bad coin after he owed him for several months has been sued.

The man from Georgia said his former boss owed him about N379, 725 but decided to deliver it in an unusual manner last year.

Paycheque delivered on a wheelbarrow
Paycheque delivered on a wheelbarrow Credit: The Independent UK
Source: UGC

A despicable thing to do

Andreas Flaten said he was awed by the action of his ex-employer when he saw about 90,000 oil-stained coins in a wheelbarrow on his driveway said to be the money he was being owed by the owner of the auto repair shop he worked.

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Flatten said he stopped working at the auto shop in November but was not paid and continued asking for his money.

He said alongside the coins was an envelope with a note that says ‘This is a childish thing to do” written on it, had reported.

The Independent UK reports that Flatten said he decided to report the man to the US Department of Labour where a federal complaint was filed against A OK Walker Autoworks and the owner, Miles Walker for supposedly violating overtime laws

Demand for just justice

The Department is asking for N15. million in wages and damages after findings showed that the former employer retaliated against the employee when he resigned

The department is seeking $36,971 (£27,324) in back wages and other damages after investigators found that the owner retaliated against the employee after he resigned.

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This is coming months after Flaten went public with his accusations that Walker dumped grease-stained coins on his driveway as his last paycheque with a note saying f*** you.

Woman glues N31,000 coins to the floor had earlier reported that a creative director identified as Jordan Darian has beautified the floor of her bathroom with $77 (N31,799.46) worth of pennies she glued to it.

The woman from the United States posted a video of herself on TikTok doing the painstaking work, saying it took her 16 hours to glue the pennies to the floor.

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