Benue, Enugu Lead As Most Expensive States To Buy Cooking Gas As Dealers Increase Prices

Benue, Enugu Lead As Most Expensive States To Buy Cooking Gas As Dealers Increase Prices

  • Dealers of cooking gas have increased the cost of refilling 5kg and 12.5kg cylinders across the country
  • The new prices bring more headaches to households already battling with high food prices in the markets
  • Reports show that residents of Southern states paid higher prices compared to states in the North journalist Dave Ibemere has over a decade of business journalism experience with in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian economy, stocks, and general market trends.

The National Bureau of Statistics has revealed that Nigeria's average price for refiling a 5kg Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Cooking Gas) cylinder hit N7,418.45 in May 2024.

This represents a 13.75% increase compared to the N6,521.58 average prices recorded in April 2024.

Cooking gas prices in Nigeria
Cooking gas prices continue to increase Photo credit: Nurphoto
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While on a year-on-year basis, cooking gas prices increased by 70.12% from N4,360.69 recorded in May 2023.

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NBS disclosed these figures in its latest price watch report.

However, the report revealed that the average retail price for refilling a 12.5kg cooking gas declined by 0.07% on a month-on-month basis from N15,637.74 in April 2024 to N15,627.40 in May 2024.

On a year-on-year basis, this rose by 63.85% from N9,537.89 in May 2023, Punch reports.

States with the highest, lowest prices

NBS also provided a breakdown of the cost of refilling cooking gas and the states with the highest and lowest prices

Highest Prices 5kg

  • Benue: N8,012.03
  • Enugu: N7,926.21
  • Ondo: N7,857.53

Lowest Prices 5kg

  • Yobe: N5,842.31
  • Jigawa: N6,521.81
  • Katsina: N6,567.95

Average Retail Prices by Zones 5kg

  • South-East: N7,680.87 (highest)
  • South-West: N6,593.93
  • North-East: N7,071.84 (lowest)

12kg price cooking gas trend

Highest Prices 12.5kg

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  • Zamfara: N18,369.33
  • Bayelsa: N17,772.21
  • Abia: N17,538.02

Lowest average price 12.5kg

  • Bauchi: N13,076.43
  • Ebonyi: N13,788.09
  • Taraba: N13,860.31

Zonal Analysis:

  • South-South: N16,310.02 (highest)
  • North-West: N15,991.13
  • North-East: N15,010.62 (lowest)

"We Know Them:" Marketers identify cabal behind the rising price of cooking gas in Nigeria previously reported that Cooking gas marketers under the Nigerian Association of Liquified Petroleum Gas Marketers (NALPGAM) have accused the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) terminal operators of causing the country's high cooking gas cost.

Oladapo Olatubosun, the association's president, disclosed this when they met the Senate Committee on Gas in the company of the group members on Monday, October 23, 2023.

The commodity's price recently increased to N1,200 per kilogram, with many Nigerians lamenting its high cost amid surging inflation and high living standards.


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