Top 5 Immigration Routes Africa Have Successfully Used to Relocate to Canada, UK, Australia, USA

Top 5 Immigration Routes Africa Have Successfully Used to Relocate to Canada, UK, Australia, USA

  • According to available statistics, there has been an explosion in the number of African immigrants seeking to leave their home countries
  • Consequently, there are a number of options available to African immigrants wishing to relocate to other countries
  • The options which have been made available by the various countries include seeking a permanent residency programme overseas

The high exodus of Africans to other countries, especially Canada, and the US, has been attributed to the desire for better living conditions and good job opportunities.

Data from Statistics Canada said African-born individuals who emigrated to the country comprised 13.4% of recent as of 2016.

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These were the second largest number of recent immigrants to the nation after Europe and a four-fold increase from the number of African-born immigrants in 1971, which stands at 3.2%.

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According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, the top five countries of birth of recent African-born immigrants to Canada were Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Cameroon.

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Among the population in Canada with an immigrant background, persons with ancestry from Africa were the youngest residents as of 2016, with the largest proportion aged between 0-14 years old.

Africans who have successfully emigrated have used one of the proven routes, which experts say will sure give those seeking to move better chances.

The education route

The education route is one of the most proven routes young Africans have exploited over the years, especially those seeking to move to the UK.

According to Business Insider, information from the UK Home Office says that the graduate route lets the United Kingdom attract and retain the best international students to contribute to the economy and society after studying based on the points-based immigration system.

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Candidates should start to self-fund their studies as there are available fully-funded scholarships that immigrants can leverage despite the scholarships requiring the candidates to return to their home countries after their studies.

The skilled labour route

One of the best ways Africans can easily and successfully move abroad is via the skilled labour route. It requires individuals to obtain relevant skills which will enable them to land good jobs on arrival and contribute to their host countries' economies.

Countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, Norway, and others always look out for skilled workers like doctors, nurses, radiologists, and technology professionals.

Companies with a global presence are always looking for top talents from across the globe to recruit. So they help facilitate visa applications for their employees but on the condition that employees have already secured jobs overseas.

Permanent residency route

The Canada Permanent Residency Programme facilitates the entry of permanent residents, maximising their economic and social contribution to the country.

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Candidates must scale the eligibility test hurdle to emigrate to Canada via the Permanent Residency Programme.

Australia also has a permanent residency.

The spousal visa route

This route is one of the easiest ways many Africans can move to Europe, America, Asia and other places. The most important thing needed is to marry someone already resident in any country offering a spousal visa.

This route, experts say should be taken with caution as many have gotten into problems and accused of marriage scams which authorities say is a ploy to get immigration visa.

Citizenship by investment

The spousal route is the route mostly used by high-net-worth individuals. It involves getting the citizenship/passport of another country by investing in them.

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Recall that reported that recently, reports emerged that the United Kingdom has granted medical licenses to 266 Nigerians who relocated to that country in search of greener pasture.

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The rush by Nigerians to leave the country has made countries worldwide develop special immigration laws which allow for seamless visa application to their respective countries.

Yearly, Nigerians in their thousands apply for a UK visa in different classes. Some get turned down for various reasons.


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