Companies in the UK Begin 4 Day Work Per Week Trial With Full Pay

Companies in the UK Begin 4 Day Work Per Week Trial With Full Pay

  • Some companies in the UK are beginning a trial of four working day a week to measure the impact of workers' efficiency and on the environment
  • The report said it is a pilot project involving a number of firms including banks, hospitality, care and even animation studios
  • According to the report, workers in these companies will receive their full pay with the understanding that they maintain maximum productivity

Select companies in the UK are beginning what many have called the world's biggest four-day week trial with full pay from Monday, June 6, 2022.

Sky News reports that the companies come from a variety of industries including banking, hospitality, care and animation studios.

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Companies in UK are starting four-day a week work Credit: 10'000 Hours
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Work four days and get full month's pay

The report said the companies will still give their staffers 100 per cent pay with a caveat that they will maintain maximum productivity.

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It’s being hailed as the biggest four-day week pilot project anywhere in the world and organisers are working with university researchers who will measure the effect of productivity and the well-being of staff.

They will also observe how the trial affects the environment and equality.

Experts predict it will the same as five-day work week

Professor of sociology at Boston College and lead researcher of the pilot project, Juliet Schor said the project is generally believed to be a triple dividend policy, comprising of helping employees, companies and the climate.

Other universities involved in the project are Cambridge and Oxford, while the organizers are 4 Day Week Global, in association with think-tank Autonomy and the 4 Day Week UK Campaign.

Experts the United Kingdom was at the edge of global momentum behind the four-day week, as people got used to being from the office during a pandemic.

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The campaign in the UK did not come before COVID-19 as the Labour Party promised to introduce it within 10 years if it had clinched victory in the 2019 general election.

A firm taking part in the project, which is expected to last for six months and involved over 3,000 workers is Charity bank, whose Chief executive, Ed Siegel said the move appears a natural next step after the pandemic.

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