Life of Uber taxi drivers in Nigeria

Life of Uber taxi drivers in Nigeria

Uber is a multionline transportation company that was founded in 2009 in US. Uber developed an application "Uber App" which allows customers using their smart app to located drivers in cities they operate. Uber is currently operating in 66 countries including Nigeria. It is also present in 449 cities including Abuja.

Life of Uber taxi drivers in Nigeria
Uber's driver

In this report, looks at  the lives of amazing Uber drivers; Samuel, Adele and Simon whom are operating in Abuja, Nigeria. The drivers talks about their experience working with Uber. They talk about how lucrative and successful the business is and the differences it is making in their lives.

Their experience and story

According to Samuel, Uber is the next generation taxi in Nigeria. He said he started working with them last month after he learned that Uber was in Abuja. He used to work part time with a company before.

He explained how he came across Uber and how comfortable he is working with them now. He said he is earning about N100,000 monthly. " I enjoy what i do and i am looking forward to purchase my own car and be its driver", That way, things will be much much better for me.

He explained that from inside Abuja to airport, ordinary taxi drivers are charging people about the some of N5,000. But from airport to Abuja metropolis, Uber will only charge you the some of N3,000.

Simon is 45 years old. He was a casual staff with a company in Abuja before joining Uber. " My children are attending a better school and i am looking forward to be a better dad". He said he is earning between the sum of N90,000 to N110,000 per month.

From Uber ambassador 

Abdulbaqi Jari is an ambassador of Uber in Nigeria . He explained that Uber is different from ordinary taxi because it employs professional and educated drivers. He also said that their cars are sound and modern.

Life of Uber taxi drivers in Nigeria


Major world businesses are now finding Nigeria as a business heaven especially in major cities like Lagos and Abuja. Lagos is now one of the major growing cities in the world with close to about 20 million people leaving in it. While Abuja is one of world's most expensive real estate hubs.



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