PHOTONEWS: Mothers Of Abducted Girls Storm National Assembly, Demand Immediate Rescue

PHOTONEWS: Mothers Of Abducted Girls Storm National Assembly, Demand Immediate Rescue

Mothers of the 200 abducted female students and other residents of Chibok, Borno State, came today, April 30, to Abuja to submit a protest letter where they demand the immediate rescue of the girls.

The protest march started at Eagle Square in Abuja, from where the protesters walked to the National Assembly. When the women were led into the premises of the national legislature by a group of senior female police officers, senators Barnabas Gemade and Helen Esuene received them.

The two senators tried to calm down the protesters by saying that the content of the Senate’s resolution would be presented to the women later today. They assured that everything would be done to secure the release of the girls in due course.

But, dressed in black women seemed unimpressed by the senators’ unemotional words. Some of the protesters lost control of their emotions and wept profusely, a few of them were rolling on the ground.

According to sources, some of the abducted girls had been ferried across into Chad where they were being married off for 2000 naira per girl. But, this information wasn't confirmed by a security source in Borno State.


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