Baba Fryo Talks Ajegunle, Issues Affecting Growth Of Nigerian Music Industry

Baba Fryo Talks Ajegunle, Issues Affecting Growth Of Nigerian Music Industry

Singer Baba Fryo has revealed that the Nigerian  music industry is plagued by some issues which he has gone ahead to outline.

Baba Fryo Talks Ajegunle, Issues Affecting Growth Of Nigerian Music Industry
Reggae/ ghetto musician Baba Fryo.

Speaking exclusively to New Telegraph the Dem Go Dey singer said the problem of disunity formed a core of the reasons why Ajegunle musicians who once dominated the industry are nowhere in mainstream anymore.

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Recall that Ajegunle was once known for star names such as Nico Gravity, Daddy Showkey and African China among others.

With the change in what used to be in respect to the dominance in the music industry the singer said envy and disunity caused a lot of issues.

“There was no unity. You know that when people fail to corporate or are back-biting one another, you can’t get the best. Though they say ‘dog don’t eat dog’, I don’t believe that. Ajegunle people often backbite and are envious of one another,” he said.


He also explained that he was doing his best to leave a lasting legacy in the community even though the younger artistes are constantly showing a lack of being trusted.

He said: “The young artistes will get shows, tells us lies that they didn’t collect any money and we would later find out that they did. They also engage in impersonation; they would call someone to pretend like a particular artiste just to collect his benefit.

"I have heard at different times that some people used my name somewhere. This is the level at which Ajegunle people have degenerated. They would collect the money and pretend as if nothing happened. At the end of the day the artiste will get to know, but if you challenge them they would deny it.

"Such thing kills creativity and causes problem. When house is divided, it spoils many things and all these bring Ajegunle music down. I am worried and I am still trying my best. Some artistes know me; if I have events I call them, but the ones I refuse to call would go about to rubbish my name.”

He downplayed rumours that he once quit music owing to frustration and competiton in the industry.

He however admitted that the system had changed with the bulk of the sounds lacking actual talent.

Fryo also explained that the music industry has been disorganized by ‘yahoo and drug boys’.

He said: “At present, we don’t have raw talent in the music industry; people doing music now are the yahoo and drug boys. They took over the industry and the media. A yahoo boy could just enter the studio because music is easy now unlike before when you would have to pass through many processes to bring out your music.

"Then you would sing from the beginning of that track till the end, but they cut corners nowadays which also explain why their songs don’t last more than six months. When they play some of my songs like Denge Pose and Notice Me, people still dance to it and remember the lyrics. Many things have changed.”

The reggae singer has a single out now and he titles Country No Send.

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He talked about it saying his music is intended to make people relieved from their struggles.

“My latest single, Country No Send, means that regardless of your status we are still in the same journey of life. If you are using a big car and I am using a small one, we are headed to the same place and sometimes I can even get there before you. So, my music gives people hope and joy.”

Friday Igwe is a reggae/ dancehall singer who is mostly remembered for his hit songs Dem Go Dey Pose and Notice Me.

He goes by the stage name Baba Fryo and was a prominent name in the ‘90s for his style of ghetto music intertwined with the reggae elements.


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