7 Ways To Get Your Ex To Fall In Love With You Again

7 Ways To Get Your Ex To Fall In Love With You Again

Just because someone ended a relationship does not mean they absolutely have no more feelings for you. The one advantage you have, as someone's ex, is that you have history with them and something that once existed can be reignited.

With a bit of tact, patience and perseverance, you should be able to convince your ex to come back to you. Here are a few ways to do this;

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1. Give them time:

It is easy, while feeling the desperation of a jilted lover, to want to immediately do everything within you power to get them back. But desperation would only turn them further away from you.

If you want any chance at getting them back, accept the breakup at the time and give your ex the space he/she needs. Handling things maturely is the first step in putting a doubt in their minds that they have made the wrong decision.

2. Attempt to move on:

Do not make it obvious that the breakup has broken you. Avoid putting your life on hold while you wait for the right time to make your move.

Attempt to move on or give the impresion that you have. Make your partner feel the reality of what life is like without you. Do not immediately make them think you will always be waiting by the wings for them. Give them a chance to miss you and they just might be the one to make the first move.

3. Make contact:

After some time has passed, make contact, but make it brief. Give them a brief call or a brief casual message just to check on them. Do not offload all your pain and angst. Let them, once again, feel the butterflies they once felt for you.

After making contact, take another step back. As soon as they get a call from their ex, most people will assume it is because they want to get back together, and they raise their defenses. But making brief contact and backing away will keep your ex on their toes and make them wonder.

4. Meet up: 

After making contact, give your ex a chance to contact you again. If there is still a chance for bringing the relationship back, they will make at least one effort to contact you. When they do, be casual ask for a chance to meet in person. During this meeting, allow yourself reminisce about your relationship. Talk about fun experiences and memories. Laughing together will decrease tension and make them more open to hearing you out.

5. Talk about it:

While having your discussion, also bring up whatever it was that caused your break up. Be honest and express how you wish you had done things differently. Do not, at any point, make accusations or pass any blames. Accept your part in it and express your regret that things were not different.

Tell them how much you miss them and give them examples of the little things they do that you miss. Not only will this make them feel special, it will also show them that you are willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild the relationship.

6. Leave things behing:

After making it clear that you want nothing more than to get back together. Let them know that you understand that they might need some time to consider this. Do not pressure them for an answer. Go back to having a good laugh and end your meeting on a high and fun note.

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7. One more contact:

If getting back together is a possibility, your ex should make another effort to contact you. When they do, let them know once again that you still want them, but also let them know that the ball is in their court.

Do not push or pressure. At this time, you have done all you can and if they truly want to be with you, you have set the perfect opportunity. Encourage them to open up to you and give yourselves time to ease into what your relationship once was.

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