Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli Praised By Producers

Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli Praised By Producers

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, has been praised for her work in 'Render to Caesar' by the producer and director, and editor of the movie.

Oboli has been described as a dependable professional by Desmond Ovbiagele, the Producer and Director of the movie 'Render to Caesar', where Oboli recently played. 

A Press release by Bigsam Media also featured a comment by the movie editor, Steve Shosiya, saying Oboli was a play maker. Shosiya also added that his opinion should be trusted due to the fact that as a post-production expert, he had seen a lot of things on camera, and he can tell the difference.

The editor also added that the producer of the movie 'Render to Caesar' wanted to see someone who could display real emotions. Shosia said that Omoni's best roles according to him were 'Render to Caesar', 'Figurine' and 'Anchor Baby'. He also pointed the fact that she is versatile and not stereotyped as most of the other actors are.

“She did not only play the role, she gave the character more than what we expected. From post-production views, we see a lot of mistakes, but we are paid to clean up the mess before the public see it.

“With due respect to Omoni, we hardly throw away any of her shots. In fact we use her scenes to clean other actors’ scenes. In a nutshell, I will say that Omoni is the best’. 




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