Parents Pay For My Educaiton, But I Plan To Start A Business

Parents Pay For My Educaiton, But I Plan To Start A Business

Sometimes, we struggle to figure out what would be best for us and our family. A young man sent this letter to asking for your advice.

My name is Felix, I'm 26, and have been searching for admission for over six years. 

I went to UniPort and did pre-degree (Medicine and Surgery), but, unfortunatelly, I was not offered admission. The following year I applied for Anatomy at the University of Nigeria, NSUKA, same story. I left UNN with tears because I spent close to 80 thousand naira, the money which I saved for two years. I went to Benin, did same JAMB, but got no admision.

I consulted with my friend, and he suggested I go to DELSU and start C.E. (Continuos Education). I took my belongings and off I went. Two years later, I was very angry with what I took as programme,as we pay higher than the regular students but yet we feel so inferior compared to others.

I got even more angry when I learnt that I can't work with the result. My parents said I should ask some lecturers to help me and re-write JAMB.

I met with a frend who was brilliant, he was the best in my class when i was in C.E., and he said he would help me on agreement that I pay him 30 thousand naira. The score was still low, so I paid a lecturer 60 thousand, and my name came out.

Two weeks later Arubaye (V.C.) cancelled our batch saying it was insincere on his part and released another batch. When I rechecked, my name was not among the list.

I felt like hanging myself. I wasn't that poor in my secondary school as I got 4 b's and 3 c's, but why is all this all happening to me? I wasn't the best in my class, but I still maintained the 6th position.

I like bussiness and entering the field was my dream, but school has waisted a lot of my years. My parents don't know I am not in school, they have been payin my education fee, but I have been saving the money in my acct.

Now I have 300 thousand, but I don't know if I should give the money back to my parents and confess to them, or should I save more and start a bussiness.


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