Archbishop Okoh Praises President Jonathan For Signing Anti-Gay Bill

Archbishop Okoh Praises President Jonathan For Signing Anti-Gay Bill

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh praised President Goodluck Jonathan for signing the anti-gay bill into law, condemning critics.

Under the new law, called the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, two people of same sex can be imprisoned up for 14 years for living together, or for 10 years for aiding such a relationship. The same goes for 10 years for direct or indirect public show of a same-sex amorous relationship or participating in or supporting gay organisations or meetings.

Archishop Okoh, Nigeria's primate, said those not in support of the bill are like Adam and Eve (Genesis 2-3), who questioned God for asking them not to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden.

"Many people do not realise that what is referred to as the homosexual trouble is not the homosexual or lesbian trouble but people's refusal to accept the scripture for what it is, authority for life and practice following God," the cleric said.

"Nigeria is on pilgrimage to an appointed destination in Africa and the world. God cannot make a mistake of creating a large number of people and place them in a place called Nigeria without a purpose," he said at a recent event where President Goodluck Jonathan was present. "Mr President, when it becomes tough, keep going. You should persevere, please don’t give up. You must get to the top. You must ensure that you lead the people to the destination God has planned for them."


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