Top 5 Used Cars On

Top 5 Used Cars On

Hello everyone! Do you like cars as much as we do? Hope so! went ahead and gathered our own personal top 5 cars. Each car has a mind of its own and fits perfectly into everyday traffic. Also we are going to tell you how to buy each of these 'babies' on our free classified.

So, let's roll!

5. Mercedes-Benz E-350 on

Top 5 Used Cars On


Make, model: Mercedes-Benz E350

Price: 6,500,000

Year: 2009

If you buy it from hands you will pay: ₦6,500,000.

But come on, this is a Mercedes, it can't be match with anything. Not sure even if we could compare it to any other car...but we did. We like Toyota better. But no more no less - this is also a living classic you just can't miss. So we highly recommend giving it a spin as soon as you can. Besides, we live only once, so why not make it happier.

As usually you can get a wide variety of Mercedes-Benz E-350 on

4. Nissan Pathfinder - fourth place on

Top 5 Used Cars On

Make, model: Nissan Pathfinder

Price: 1,500,000

Year: 2006

If you buy it from hands you will pay: ₦1,500,000 for 2006 model. And of course you will pay more if you buy a newer model. But that is a whole other story.

This jeep has proven over the years to be a car of a long service, so even if you buy older models you shouldn't worry at all. It will be all good. So there you have it: a jeep that you can go to dessert with and stay cool while at it.


As usually, you can find a huge range of different models on JiJi from different years. Choose the one that fits you on Nissan Pathfinder on

3. Toyota Corolla - our third favourite automobile on the market

This is a third classic model in our line today. Japanese baby that is here to rock your world. Pretty car that you can buy for yourself or for a woman of your life. A universal car, really.

Top 5 Used Cars On

Make, model: Toyota Corolla

Price: 1,600,000

Year: 2009

If you buy it from hands you will pay: ₦1,600,000. We loved this model not only because it's a living classic but also because it is one of the most reliable cars out there. Just sit down and drive away into sunset. You will be glad you did.

As usually, you can find a huge range of different models on JiJi from different years. Choose the one that fits you at Toyota Corolla on

2. Honda Accord came in second place

We think the top three places we will give to Japanese brands. Honda Accord is actually another classic model that stood the test of time.

Top 5 Used Cars On

Make, model: Honda Accord CrossTour

Price: 4,500,000

Year: 2008

If you buy it from hands you will pay: ₦4,500,000. This is another great deal that will make anyone happy. We simply love this car and this is awesome. We love items that can work without having to invest more than you already paid. So get this one, you will love it.

As usually, you can find a huge range of different models from different years. Choose the one that fits you. Honda Accord on is your choice!

1. Our number one is Toyota Camry

This is a genuine and synonymous to quality. Japanese brands are always ahead of everyone.

Top 5 Used Cars On

Make, model: Toyota Camry

Price: 4,000,000

Year: 2010

If you buy it from hands you will pay: ₦4,000,000. And as a pleasant bonus you will get a fully packed car that had already went through all bumps and grinds of new car exploitation.

So as you can see this is a pretty good deal if you need steady vehicle to get you places in busy traffic each morning. Also it won't take you long to buy any spare parts or accessories if you will need one. You can find your Toyota Camry on

So why are we so eager to tell you about JiJi, you may ask?

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Top 5 Used Cars On


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