20 Things You Must Do Before Turning 30

20 Things You Must Do Before Turning 30

It is a known fact that turning 30 is a big milestone and this is usually due to the fact that maturity sets in and you begin to make safer, more grown-up decisions. You are probably starting (or thinking about starting) a family at this time and this will certainly change your priorities.

20 Things You Must Do Before Turning 30

So, before you get to that big milestone age, here are things you should make sure you do in your 20's, while you still have the time and youthful energy on your side. These list also helps you prepare for life after 30.

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Get a degree: Yes, this might be expensive, but it is certainly necessary. Getting the required education and degree is best done in your 20's before big responsibilities set in and could distract you.

Volunteer: You will spend years and years of your life chasing paper and trying to make more money to fit your lifestyle. But your 20's is the best time to do something you really want without thinking about monetary compensation. You can help the needy, feed the hungry or just volunteer with organisations that are lending a helping hand. Trust us, it would leave you feeling good.

Work at your dream job: No one knows what the future holds, you might end up stuck in a job you do not like simply because you have no choice. But before this happens, give yourself a chance to find your dream job, even though this might be an unpaid position.

Have an epic love: You hear about that crazy, dysfunctional, passionate and heated love that some couples have and a lot of people do not understand. Give yourself a chance to find this kind of love at least once in your lifetime. It might not last, and might not even make sense to others, but the 20's is the only time in your life that you can afford to do this.

Make Love: Have you been saving yourself for the right one, then your 20's is the best time to enjoy what sex has to offer. Have great sex, crappy sex, intense sex, boring sex, whichever. You are only young once.

Have a baby: If you are looking to have a big family, then the best time to begin is in your 20's. This way, you are young , imaginative and energetic enough to keep up with the kids and you have a lot of time to have more babies.

Eat Healthier: There are a lot of health issues that is connected to terrible eating habits. So, before you turn 30, make sure you begin plans to eat healthier and have an all-round healthy lifestyle

Buy Something Expensive: Splurge on one expensive thing that you really love. Be it a car, handbag, shoes, etc. It should be something that you are utterly in love with and would leave you feeling a sense of achievement for years to come.

Forgive Someone: Sometimes, we hold on to some animosity towards people that did us wrong, but your 20's is the time to let go of this negative feeling so you will be freer to move on. Pick at least one person in your life who hurt you, and forgive completely.

Throw a big party: Another thing you just have to do in your 20's. Throw a huge party and invite your dearest and closest.

Read/Watch a classic: Before you move into the sophisticated life of your 30's, do something sophisticated like reading or watching a classic. There are a lot of books/movies (think The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, Roots) that experiencing them would give you something smart to add to any conversation.

Find a true friend: Friends come and go, but true friends last a lifetime. Instead of surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of people, pick one or two that you consider and believe to be your true friends.

Visit a foreign country: Visit a country foreign to what you are used to. Taste their cuisine, see their sights and enjoy the people, it really is a beautiful experience.

Move out of your parents house: You cannot truly experience life if you are stuck living under the rules and laws of your parents. Move out, get some freedom and be make a few decisions on your own.

Learn useful skills: Your 20's is the time to learn little skills that will come in useful in life. Learn to change a tire, fix a light-bulb, cook, bake, etc.

Stay up all night: It does not matter what you choose to do, just pull an all-nighter while doing something you truly love. By the time you are in your 30's you will be way too tired to do this.

Have a one-night stand: It is exciting, exhilarating with just enough risk keep you going for weeks. There is something freeing and sexy about having sex with someone you know you will never see, or be with that way again.

Fall in love: Not the insane kind of love, but true, mature love. Get into and maintain a true relationship with someone who cares about you and respects you.

Get married: Big wedding, small wedding, no wedding at all, whatever you are into, your 20's is the best time to take the plunge. This time should be filled with making great memories and having new beginnings, what better beginning is there than finding someone to spend the rest of your life with and proclaiming your love to the world.

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Have a friends-with-benefits: Having someone you hang out with and also enjoy sexy time with without the both of you being in a relationship could be a really fun experience. You get the perks of good sex without the complications a lot of relationship come with. It can be very liberating

So, how many of these have you done?

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