Many BH Suspects Arrested In Lagos In 18 Months - Dibi

Many BH Suspects Arrested In Lagos In 18 Months - Dibi

A former military officer on Monday, August 10, disclosed that many Boko Haram suspects had been arrested in Lagos within the past 18-month period.

Major General Tanmi Dibi, who used to be the general officer commanding (GOC) of the 81th division, made a revelation after handing over to Major General Isibor Edet, The Nation reports.

Dibi, however, refused to provide any further details about the arrest. Instead, he charged the division staff to remain responsible and vigilant in the face of insurgency.

"Military job is a challenging task and Lagos state itself is a peculiar state. We have had our challenging times but we were able to overcome them.

"Under my watch, we were able to prevent the incursion of Boko Haram insurgents into Lagos. A good number of them were arrested here in Lagos. Having served for 35 years and retiring now, I expect to see a more disciplined and committed army."

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The ex-GOC stressed the importance for the army to continue protecting the area and ensuring its safety.

"You are all aware of the challenges we are going through- the problem of Boko Haram. The fact that you are not in the northeast does not mean you are not fighting the war.

"We are all involved in the war because wars of this nature do not have a front or a rear. So far, we are winning the war and I want you to do more. And so far so good, we have been able to contain their excesses and I want you to do more. We have talked enough about security measures put in place, about your own personal security and that of your families and that of the barracks and how you relate with your friends but I urge you to do more.


"Be more vigilant and ensure security of your environment, your barracks. I do not want to be in my village to hear about any careless death.‎ I do not want to read about an attack in Lagos.

"I want to hear that this division I am leaving is the most efficient division in the Nigeria army. I give God the glory for making it possible to serve Nigeria for 35 years and retiring today. I also thank all of you for supporting me. Some of you have done so well by co-operating, some of you lagged behind.

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"For those lagging behind, please change your attitude towards work, be more dedicated because you do not have any other job than this job, neither do you have any other army. The army is a voluntary organization which you decided to join, nobody forced you to join, therefore, do not allow any to force you do your job.

"If you do your job, you are not doing anyone any favour. It is your job and you should do it well."

About two years ago the 81th division of the Nigerian Army arrested 42 suspected Boko Haram members in various parts of Lagos and Ogun states. The militants tried to flee from Borno state following the announcement of the state of emergency by the government.

Meanwhile Oyo police has recently foiled an attack in Ibadan by uncovering a number of explosives allegedly planted by Boko Haram insurgents.


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