Mysterious Death: Teenage Nigerian boy dies in Ghana

Mysterious Death: Teenage Nigerian boy dies in Ghana

The mystery surrounding the death of a 15year old Nigerian boy in Ghanaian city of Tema is yet to be unraveled.

According to report from the boy’s school, he drowned, but physical examination of body reveals wounds on the chin, head, leg, rib region.

It was gathered that Austine was one of dozens of students taken out on a jogging expedition on October 15, 2013. Along the way, 47 students, who were under the care of a solitary housemaster, ended at the beach, in Tema. At the end of their wash, it was discovered that Austine was missing. Hours later, his body was found, allegedly following a tip-off by some unnamed fisherman.

The father of the deceased, Mr. Ogukwe who rushed to Ghana immediately he got the call about the tragedy said, he gathered that when his son and others got to the beach, the deceased told the housemaster and other students that he did not know how to swim. He revealed that he gathered that his son was told to go sit on the beach, which he did.

From an autopsy carried out on October 17, the authorities say the deceased died from drowning but the deceased father is not satisfied. 

In his view, many incongruities abound, hinting at foul-play. He observed that, from pictures of Austine’s body that were taken at the beach, his boy couldn’t have died from drowning.  According to him, the late boy’s stomach was flat.

The grieving dad further wondered how the deceased came about what the pathologist’s report described as “contusion on the face, contusion on the head and contusion all over the body.” Moreover, the post-mortem, he added, failed to explain signs that blood flowed out of the boy’s ear.

The report, he further pointed out, was also silent on blood stains on the face of the boy’s body. “The pictures the police showed me revealed that my son was foaming in the mouth, as he died,” the grieving man lamented.

It was however gathered that on the day Austine and other students of Ideal College were taken to the beach, indigenes of the community do not go swimming. Mr. Laud Nunoo, an ethnic Ga, revealed that it was taboo to venture into the sea on Tuesdays. This is the reason local fishermen do not work on Tuesdays.

According to Nunoo, who works as an investigator with Corporate Protection Securities (CPS), whereas entering the sea is not banned outright in Ga culture, anyone that ventured into a large body of water on that day, did so at his own risk.

Though the police have launched an investigation into the tragedy, no arrest had been recorded, eight days after the lad’s transition. The remains of the deceased is currently at the Police Morgue, in the Ghanaian capital, Accra.


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