Google Unveils New 'Cheap' Laptop (PHOTO)

Google Unveils New 'Cheap' Laptop (PHOTO)

Google is introducing a new laptop based on its Internet-centric Chrome operating system - It is priced at $279.

Hewlett-Packard Co. is making the new HP Chromebook 11. Although the price is in line with most other Chromebooks using Chrome OS, the new model sports many design features that are usually found on pricier devices.

Unlike Windows and Mac laptops, Chromebooks rely heavily on having a continuous Internet connection to run Gmail, Google Docs and other online services.

Many apps would not run directly on the device but over the Internet. The devices also have relatively little storage, as documents, including photos are designed to be stored online instead.

The new laptop has a plastic frame with no sharp corners, or even screw holes. Speakers are tucked under the keyboard so that sound comes out toward the user, even when the laptop is used on the lap.

The Chromebook 11 has a display that measures 11.6 inches diagonally, and it weighs about 2 pounds.


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