PHOTO: I Am Married To A Very Beautiful Woman - Hafiz Oyetoro 'Saka'

PHOTO: I Am Married To A Very Beautiful Woman - Hafiz Oyetoro 'Saka'

Popular actor/MTN Ambassador, Hafiz Oyeto who recently turned 50 in an interview talks about his life, family and more.

How do you feel being celebrated at 50?

I feel so cool. I feel grateful to Almighty God for giving me the grace to reach 50. I know that many people have gone even without reaching the age of 20. 50 years marks a new beginning and I thank God that today I can be alive to see 50.

What would you say is responsible for your recent success?

It is God. God has been very wonderful to me. God has been there for me and my family. He has given me the grace to be associated with great people. More so, I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by people that have added positive value to me life. My family, friends, colleagues, employers and clients, they have actually contributed in one way or the other to who and what I am today.

What motivated your porting from Etisalat to MTN?

All I can say is that both brands, Etisalat and MTN are fantastic brands and they are my friends.

Why do you think these telecoms companies have chosen you?

I really don’t know. I was just busy doing my thing and then they came. I believe everybody aspires for good things. We all desire for an elevation in status, but how it may come, we sometimes don’t know. The only explanation I can give is to say that it has been the grace of God.

Do you think people now celebrate and recognize more for your MTN endorsement than for your acting?

I think it more of what I have been doing and God’s grace. I think it is more of everything. And I’m lucky to have worked with MTN and Etisalat.

How much of an influence has your wife been to your success?

I have a very beautiful woman for a wife. A woman who has made the house my home. Every time I go out, I want to go back home. I always feel happy to go home. She’s always been there for me. She’s more of my friend, my mother, my sister, everything. I thank God who has given me the grace to have a woman who shares my vision.

The greatest mistake anybody can make in this world is to marry a woman who does not share in his vision. God has given me that grace to marry a woman who shares my vision. The things I do, I do them without any problem. My home is stable and my job is going on well.

Saka’s wife, Olaide also had some few things to say

On how she feels to see many people coming out to celebrate her husband many people. According to her she feels excited, great and to God be the glory. She describes the years they have spent together has wonderful and God has been with them.

On the main attraction for your husband: It is simply love. That was the main attraction and I thank God for everything


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