Why I Donated My kidney To My Brother - Comedian De-Don

Why I Donated My kidney To My Brother - Comedian De-Don

Popular comedian and OAP Iruvwe Okeremute aka De-Don donated his kidney to his ailing elder brother, Morris Okeremute, who urgently needed a transplant to survive.

In a recent interview, he explains his reason for doing it.

"My brother started having this kidney problem in 2009. My elder sister donated her kidney to him at the time but unfortunately in January 2013 the kidney failed because he didn't take his drugs for some weeks because the drugs he ordered from India arrived late.

"We did not know it was failing, we thought he just had complications but when he went for medical check up in January, they informed him that the kidney had failed and he had to do another transplant. The money was not complete and I had to run around to get cash and a donor, which we finally got but after running tests, giving him money, securing visa and ticket for him, he ran away three days before he was due to travel.

"We were now left with the option of trying to see if I could donate. We ran a test, they gave me some drugs and I was told that if I took them religiously I would be fit enough to donate in a short while. I went there in May, came back to Nigeria, stayed till June and travelled to India for the transplant in July. They ran the test and discovered that I was fit.

"It was natural that I donate to him. It wasn't difficult making up my mind because I needed to save his life. I equally had a proper awareness about kidney donation and also the fact that nothing happened to my sister who had donated before. She even had another baby boy after the donation," he said.

Source: Legit.ng

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