Nigerians Will Be Disappointed In APC– Former Governor

Nigerians Will Be Disappointed In APC– Former Governor

Commodore Idongesit Nkanga, the former military governor of Akwa Ibom state, has predicted disappointment for Nigerians who believe that the federal government led by the All Progressives Congress will turn Nigeria into the fabled El Dorado.

Speaking with Daily Sun in Uyo at the weekend, Nkanga said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) tended to have taken the people for granted and overlooked some of their ideals, therefore people lost interest in them. However, he further stressed that Nigeria would soon realise that voting the APC into power might not have been the best decision.

“Last week I was on television and I had called for reorganization in the PDP starting from the national working committee. I think the future is very bright for PDP. I say so because it is not going to take long before Nigerians start seeing that what they expected would happen in two days is not happening. It is then they will start saying maybe we should have looked again before allowing this other people in and it will also help the PDP to purify itself.

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"PDP has some problems. It deserves break; they will then purify themselves and present themselves afresh to Nigerians and they will see the new phase that is coming. But let me also say that there is no calamity that has occurred. I am just hoping that someday we will be able to get out of the old block since Nigeria came to being. We have always seen eastern Nigeria because what PDP now is a strong hold seems to be what used to be former eastern Nigeria and Midwest.

“Forget about defection and all of that, those are not serious party people. As they get to where they are getting to, they will find out that what they are looking for they will not be able to get and they will start running back; so leave them,” Nkanga said.

The former governor confessed that he was not surprised that the PDP lost the election at the federal level. Nkanga said that in the last year it was obvious that the result would go that way unless some serious measures were taken.

“So I was not totally surprised. A lot of the people that voted, some of them did not even know what the issues were. The only disappointing thing is largely that we still have Nigerians who are still loyal to their ethnic groups and religions than to Nigeria. A lot of the things that happened, politicians decided to fall back on those cheap issues of politics and we could not have seen anything different.”

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According to Nkanga, Akwa Ibom remaining a PDP-controlled state will be better off than if it belonged to the ruling party.

“If being in a different party from that which is in the centre is a dead sentence, then Lagos state would not be available today. There are states like Borno, Yobe, all these ones; look at Anambra. Those that have even gone to test being in a different party are not in a hurry to go back. Look at Anambra in APGA, didn’t they do well with Obi, are they not doing well with Obiano?”

Meanwhile, the senator-elect Ben Murray-Bruce has recently stated that Buhari will soon wish he had not won the presidential election if he does not take serious measures to improve Nigeria’s economy.


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