Seyi Law Opens Up On The Death Of His First Child

Seyi Law Opens Up On The Death Of His First Child

Popular comedian Oluwaseyitan Aletile Lawrence, better known as Seyi Law and his wife Stacy Ebere have been quite over the death of their first child

Since then, conflicting stories have gone round saying the baby did not arrive alive.

However in a recent interview with Encomium Magazine, the comedian insisted that he had the baby in his arms for sometime after delivery before death.

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Read excerpts from the interview below:

Sorry about the loss of your baby, how did you feel when you heard the news?

It was not a news that came in a day because it was a process. Actually, there was a diagnosis. We got the result and we were hopeful it would change. Up to the time she went for the caesarean section, we were still hopeful but we just want to thank God her life was preserved and God kept her strong ever since.

I would say, she is the strongest woman I have ever known not because she is my wife, but because she was able to recover fast knowing full well I had to do little or nothing to console her which was why I was scared. The fear in me grew because I was scared of consoling her. How would I be able to hold her hands and say everything is okay, how would I look into her eyes and say it will be alright and much more which was what drove me to write on my Instagram page because I needed people to talk to me and let me know how to talk to her. I just want to appreciate Nigerians who sent words of advice, their condolences. God has been awesome with the family.

What exactly was the result of the diagnosis?

I cannot go into detail as to what happened because I do not want to remind my wife of the pains she went through. We know the body does not come back the same until God has done something new that could take her mind off it. It is still a process as it is barely two months. It is tough but I want to remain grateful to God for everything.

Knowing you were heartbroken, how exactly were you able to console her?

After the whole thing, I was at the hospital with her which was something that gave her strength because when she opened her eyes, I was the first person she saw and she was able to hold my hands. The only thing I was able to do was to keep praying. I can’t say my words were the most comforting, but I think God had gone before me to comfort her because I was not sure. I just kept telling her you would be a mother very soon and people are going to celebrate you. Just allow this phase to pass and you would know that God is awesome.

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When the news broke, people said she lost the pregnancy and not the child?

The thing is, what most people did not understand was that a cesarean operation was done, the baby was brought out alive and the doctors tried to save the baby, but after about six hours, the baby lost the battle. So, it was not miscarriage. After the birth, I had the baby in my arms. I heard the baby cry. I remember I was in the theatre with them when they brought out the baby and I fainted.

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for life, and for people. Aside the fact that God has given me life, I am grateful that God has surrounded me with people who are loving. I am grateful that I am able to provide for people and my life and career is increasing daily. The fact that God has been there with me, seeing me through all that happened.

The couple got married 2011 and were expecting the arrival of their baby in the United States of America before the heartbreaking tragedy happened.


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