Boko Haram Uses Snakes To Fight Military Men? (Photo)

Boko Haram Uses Snakes To Fight Military Men? (Photo)

With the seemingly encouraging victory that the Nigerian Military has recorded in few days concerning Boko Haram in Nigeria, this is sure another angle of event.The Nigerian Military in a showdown, during their alleged counter attack against Insurgents in Bama, were said to have been faced with not just humans but snakes. Some Boko Haram members were said to have  set out big snakes in order to overpower the Military men who were also ready for a showdown.

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This thereby made the Military men not only faced with the challenges of littered land mines by the insurgents but also faced with the issue of fighter snakes intentionally put out to frustrate the efforts of the military and probably getting rid of  our ever-ready military officers.

Fortunately, these snakes were said to be killed and here is a supposed picture of a massive one killed during the mop up operation.

However, there were reactions to this story from Nigerians. A Nairaland user, Ozoigbondu, said:

That's big python.It might not be poisonus but it can squeeze one to death and swallow it.It is very scary.Anything this boko boys throws at our millitary will fail.Their end is near.They must be wiped out of the face of the earth. Never Again! God Bless Nigeria! God Bless the Millitary, God Bless Goodluck Jonathan.

Another one, Bonapart has this to say: God will continue to empower you guys. If they like make them turn to vipers, rattle and mamba snakes they shall be hunt down. #teamneveragain

Wow! Shekau juju don spoil. Where are the USELESS ANIMAL RIGHT ACTIVISTS? In their warped mind, the monster should have been left to go free.

HYPOCRISY is When the Child of a Hunter from Africa is claiming to be ARC, another user said in a hilarious manner.

In Nigeria, the fear of Boko Haram is the beginning of wisdom. Just yesterday, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi II while speaking to CNN’s Christine Amanpour made it known that he does not mind giving his life just to see the end of Boko Haram in Nigeria.


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