Obanikoro Becomes A Minister Again

Obanikoro Becomes A Minister Again

News reaching us indicates that the ex-Minister of State for Defence Musiliu Obanikoro has just been confirmed as a minister by the Nigerian Senate.

Despite the protests raised by Senators Bukola Saraki, Gbenga Ashafa, Babajide Omoware against Obanikoro's confirmation, the Senate conducted the screening of the former minister of state for Defence and shortly after this cinfirmed him as a minister.

The APC Senators staged a walkout in response, and addressed the media disapproving Mr. Obanikoro’s confirmation. They wanted it on record that they protested to Obanikoro’s nomination because he is a known election-rigger in view of his role in the unfolding Ekiti State governorship story.

The hilarious thing is that these most of these Senators appear to have the same shelf life as the man they just fraudulently confirmed for a filthy Ministerial chair,” a political expert said in response.  “None of them may have a job after May 29, but from now on, the Senators carry on their heads the guilt and stench of Obanikoro.

Asked what he meant, he said, “Can’t you see?  Some people will now be known as ‘Obanikoro Senator.’

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It would be recalled that being made a minister is one of the agreements the former High Commissioner to Ghana touched with President Goodluck Jonathan to back the candidacy of Mr. Jimi Agbaje who overcomes him in a highly contested and controversial PDP gubernatorial primaries.

Mr. Obanikoro was named recently in a leaked tape as a principal actor in the state’s governorship election rigging in 2014, sparking national outrage.

The Nigerian government has denied to investigate the accusations.

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