Passengers Helped Woman To Give Birth On Plane

Passengers Helped Woman To Give Birth On Plane

A woman on a flight from Jordan to New York got an unexpected surprise Tuesday morning when she went into labor and had to deliver her baby above the Atlantic.

The 33-year-old, whose name was not disclosed, successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl while on board of a plane. The pilot was about to make an emergency landing but for the two passengers who apperead to be  a nurse and doctor.

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They were coincidentally on the flight 261 and assisted in the delivery and care of the mother and baby until flight crews landed the plane and paramedics could take over. "The delivery was fast and easy, helped by an anaesthesiologist and a legal nurse who happened to be on board, and in cooperation with the crew members," the airline said in a statement.

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The plane eventually landed at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport, with the new mother thanking everyone who helped deliver her premature baby. The mother and baby were taken to a hospital, both are said to be in good health.


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