Top Things Nigerians Were Googling In 2014

Top Things Nigerians Were Googling In 2014

You may have cleared your internet history on a PC or mobile device, but Google will still remember what you were looking for! Most of us use Google every day to search for information and to find out what’s going on. 

Annual Google’s statistics was released this week, and we can see what we have been searching in 2014 as a nation. There is a lot of interesting things we have been looking for in 2014: from the top news and people to the movies and odd recipes! Read the summary below:

1. Top trending news stories

We were obsessed with the football, wondered what had happened to Michael Schumacher and were looking for the missing planes.

1. CHAN 2014

2. Michael Schumacher Accident

3. MH370 / Missing Plane

4. Crimea

5. ASUP Strike

2. Biggest movies

As for the movies, we wanted to know the true story of Dr. Frankenstein and the new story of Noah.

1. I, Frankenstein

2. Noah

3. Lucy

4. Need for Speed

5. Hercules

3. Most searched musicians

Davido overtook Wizkid, at least according to the Google statistics. He was the most searched Nigerian musician in 2014. The only lady in the TOP-5 is gorgeous Tiwa Savage.

1. Davido

2. Phyno

3. Tiwa Savage

4. Don Jazzy

5. Timaya

4. Sports personalities

Coach Stephen Keshi is on the top as usual. The Big Boss is the #1 in the Google stats. A Nigerian professional footballer Ikechukwu Uche, who plays for Spanish club Villarreal, goes next.

1. Stephen Keshi

2. Ikechukwu Uche

3. Ejike Uzoenyi

4. Musa Yahaya

5. Umar Zango

5. What is...?

Lots of confusing things that happened in 2014. So some Nigerians wanted to know what the story was. We wanted to know what Ebola virus really is and what is ALS as well. Nigerians wondered about the definition of ISIS and Doro.

1. What is Ebola

2. What is ISIS

3. What is Doro

4. What is Mutiny

5. What is ALS

6. Top trending people

Among the top trending personalities Nigerians searched for evangelist Myles Monroe. Gospel singer Kefee, who died tragically this year, also touched the hearts of our compatriots.

1. Myles Monroe

2. Kefee

3. Dora Akunyili

4. Joan Rivers

5. Juan Mata

7. Nollywood stars

The name of a prolific, award-winning and critically acclaimed Nigerian filmmaker and broadcasting executive, Amaka Igwe, got to trending search requests. Amaka passed away in 2014. Others were wondering about Emem Isong, her private life and a secret wedding.

1. Amaka Igwe

2. Emem Isong

3. Charles Novia

4. Uti Nwanchukwu

5. Omoni Oboli

8. Recipes

We turn to Google when we don’t have a good cooking book nearby. Below are the meals we were trying to make:

1. Pancake Recipe

2. Chocolate Cake Recipe

3. Cheesecake recipe

4. Fried rice recipe

5. Sponge cake recipe

It seems we are eating a lot of sweets here, while there is only one recipe of rice!

Our editorial team wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have. Let the year 2015 bring you only the good news!


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