Ibadan Mother Claims Her Baby Born With Qur’an In His Hand

Ibadan Mother Claims Her Baby Born With Qur’an In His Hand

An Islamic preacher in Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr Dawood Amoo, has described the birth of a baby boy holding a pocket-size Qur’an in his hand.

Amoo told journalists that the boy was unique, because mini Qur’an contained all the 114 chapters in the holy book.

The baby’s mother went to deliver him at a church because she feared of hospital bills.

The woman who took the boy saw the ‘strange’ object and threw it away as something devilish, but soon the baby became restless and continued to clutch and empty fist.

The child's parents who were not practicing any religion before, now say they will revert to Islam as this was a sign directly from Allah.

The baby, who was named Ismael, attracted huge crowd when the news filtered around town that he was born with a holy book.

The residence of the baby’s parents has become something like a mecca as Ibadan people go there to have a glimpse of the little boy.

Nigerians react in different ways to such ‘wonder’. Some of them believe that wonders shall not end.

Wonders shall not end!

Others are more sceptical about the baby: 

Hahahahahahaha. Nice angle---> RT @hemical: When the baby is born clutching the Quran, is there a place you can check publisher?

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